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Monday, 05 November 2007


I will be thinking of you tomorrow. I'm glad you'll have the Mr. to escort you (please say a fond hello to my old friend Vic!).

(And I am worried now; I fear you were hinting at something worrisome involving Ms. P.). Or, it could be totally my misinterpretation. At least I hope so.

Sending good vibes to you for tomorrow. Years ago when I started I tried to 'tough' it out. Screw that. Five plus years and now I demand pain pills before we start along the lines of Shirley Maclaine demanding her daughter's pain pills in Terms of Endearment LOL.

Thinking of you.

As cool as it is, I would trade this membership for fertile one any day! (Or even for pickable PAP!)**

**Which is not the same as saying I would quit if I got pg or picked by a BM. I mean if I could wave a magic wand and go back 4+ years and never have needed to join.

FINALLY! The long-awaited HSG. You should wear thigh high boots or someting equally memorable as a way to say, "See? See what you all have been missing by not hurrying up and scheduling this appt?!"

If you don't have thigh-high boots, which I seriously can't even imagine, some thigh-high stockings and some kick-ass pumps will suffice.

Good luck tomorrow Millie!

Oh crap it was today wasn't it? I hope it went okay and you aren't in too much pain.

Hope all went well. Thinking of you and looking forward to an update.

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