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Thursday, 08 November 2007


Hoping for a short wait and good news.


Ugh . . always with the waiting. Sorry this is so stressful. Hhping for good news!

The waiting is always a bitch. Hoping for good news for you!

Got my fingers and toes crossed for you.

I'm not gonna dismiss your worries b/c hell, I'd be worried too. I hope the quick and expert consensus is that you can proceed. What would the antibiotics do?

Ugggg....I am sorry to hear about the wait :-( Wish I had some goodies to send you.

Sorry to hear you are going through a bit of a mess now. Also sorry you have had to go through the multiple ectopics...why is it that our bodies just don't know where to put things?
Thanks so much for your kind words on my site during a horrible time. The support that I get from everyone means the world.
You guys are the best!

Let me know when you find out anything.

It sucks that it is always something. Nothing is clear and easy, even after all this time. I hope you get a positive, reassuring answer.

Ugh. Worrying is the pits. I'm sorry about this -- please let us know when you hear anything!


I hate this part -- worry and wait. Hoping for good news.


I hate this part -- worry and wait. Hoping for good news.


Hope you have, by know, gotten fabulous news. Thinking of you!

Or by NOW. Geez. I'm awesome.

Just checking in...

Me, too. (Checking in.)

Sending best thoughts...


hey you -- hope all's ok.


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