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Thursday, 29 November 2007


Go Millie! :o)

Sounds like you are ready to rock n roll. I'm along for the ride . . . good luck!

Good luck Millie!

Thanks for the flashback, that is, big. US. clinic. Ugh. Anyhoo, you know I have everything crossed for you. Good luck and all that jazz...

Wow, what an ordeal just for the paperwork! I am cheering you on my friend.

Good Luck!
(and I thought your post title was creative!)

Yes - you will be victorious!!! I am so excited for you, strange behavior of Garden State nurses and their phones notwithstanding.

Sounds like some serious HIPAA wrongness going on, wow.

Way to be persistent. Good luck!

oh i would have shot someone by now. You are a patient woman, my friend.

Sending you every good wish. (And I, too, am annoyed by bloggers who play around with time to make their stories more dramatic. Really. Annoyed.)

Oy. But that would be Garden State for you. Send them my love, would ya?

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