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Sunday, 28 October 2007


Aaaw, sweetie. So glad that the bitch is back and you can get moving. We both need outright, unambiguous, clear, good news.

It is entirely good news that the wench has arrived to allow you to move forward. damn Bitch. May you soon bid her farewell for a good many months.

Yep - total suckage. Clear good news would be a nice change, eh?

Glad the bitch finally deigned to arrive! Hope the HSG is as painless as possible.

Aw sweetie, good luck for the HSG, may it be painless and quick and come with only good news! XXX

I am so glad the bitch is back.

And it is all about better living through chemicals.

Good luck with the HSG, I know mine prior to all my crap was painless.

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