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Saturday, 06 October 2007


I am so, so, so glad that my travel has scaled back to about once a month. I don't think that I could hack the schedule that I used to have. Nevertheless, I'm still a little depressed that I have to go out to Vegas by myself in two weeks. Yuck. It's a long flight and I hate going to sites by myself. Yuck.

I hope that CD 1 is around the corner for you.

Hoping cd 1 is on its way!

Hope the bitch gets here soon...

menopause at 42? I don't think so. I gotta think it's the drugs. Hope it gets here soon.

I second Red Headed Momma's comment. I bet it's the drugs that have screwed up your cycle. I hope it arrives shortly.

Been here, done this. It's the lupron. TRUST me on this, it's the lupron. I had the exact same thing happen to me after a cycle with a lot of lupron -- 42 days. Never happened to me before and my doctor said it was the suppression and not to worry.

Although I agree with the others that in your case it probably is the drugs, don't be too surprised if your cycles are beginning to change. You probably aren't joining me in the Big M Party just yet, even though I was younger than you when the party started, just be prepared that the times, they are a-changin'.

Anything that remotely resembles menopause is grounds for a freak-out. With the others, I hope that it's just the drugs messing with you.

Good to hear crazy work travel week is over.

I highly doubt it's menopause. I think your body is probably still freaked out about the drugs. After my last IVF my cycle took 6 days past my usual due date to arrive. I was stressing, too. I hope that CD1 is just around the corner for you!

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