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Monday, 08 October 2007


Ahh bluegrass. Not my fave on the radio, but damned good live. Hope needle lady gets things moving along!

Where you there when Pearl Jam was scheduled to play in the park?

So glad things are going well - I vote for the nice needle lady, I think she should be able to get you on track.

Hey! I was there too! Beautiful weather. :)
Good luck with the needles.

Another vote for your nice needle lady.

The concert sounds awesome! Love the bluegrass!

I'm trying to convince my mister to go see Across the Universe. He actually dislikes The Beatles, much to my horror.

I hope your nice needle lady can help you out.

I was there too! Isn't that festival the best? I hope acu helps out!

I think I might live in a cave. I have no experience with any of this....

bluegrass, blue angels, carp. tunnel.... nope. Got none of that here.

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