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Sunday, 14 October 2007


I have an email in to Aunt Flo demanding that she get her ass over to your house pronto! ;o)

I'm really sorry that you have had so much to go through.

Wouldn't you know when you actually do want Auntie F to make an appearance she is nowhere in sight. When you don't want her, there she is. Very unpleasant, if you ask me.

I so can relate to the bitterness...

Really hope your freind shows up soon.

I'm sick too and debating about going to the doctors, ick, I hate being sick. I just wish I could write my own prescription and be done with it.

How many times have you been told "maybe you're pregnant"? You have my permission to gouge them in the eye with a tampon, which I'm sure you have at the ready.

I'm sorry. I wish I had something snarky to say, like DD, but all I'm thinking is that I hope this cycle is over with soon.

Ugh- on all accounts. Hope the cold gets better and that things start rolling soon.

Ah, Aunt Flo! Where are you when we need you?
My cycle has been very wonky ever since I stopped the metformin. argh!

You guys would be superhuman if you weren't a little bitter at this point.

I need that extra bitter shirt... One of my fertile sisters (who coincidentally is adopted) made a comment to me on the phone this weekend and I snarled at her.... literally showed teeth. She's lucky she was several states away, or I might have drawn blood.... so, I admire your restraint.

Here's hoping Flo's arrival is imminent.

It sucks, but you have earned those extra bitter t-shirts.

I hope the bitch shows up soon, and with all that you have been through you have every right to wear that t-shirt.

Well crap, what does Flo need, an engraved invitation? That sucks. I've always known I was the most bitter infertile in the room because that IVF scenario where I walk away because I have nothing in common with them has actually happened.

Hoping your cycle gets resolved soon.

I am thinking I might need the extra bitter one... I normally walk away when they start asking around "how many children do you have?".
I hope AF appears soon.

I'm sorry you are having this struggle, friend.

another one here who can relate to your extra-bitterness. though in my case it has to do more with miscarriage.

happy to hear that the mister didn't dump a fondue pot on those people

~daisy mae

Let's have a biter infertile contest - I do warn you, I may win. Although I do know some strong contenders....

There is nothing worse that a person for whom treatment has worked telling me I just need to have some hope. Well, thanks successful one, glad to know your luck and success came with a dose of optimism that you feel everyone needs. I personally think IVF is a crap chute. Being on the wrong side of the statistics, I can offer a whole different perspective. I do not back down and I will pour chocolate fondue on someones head to make my point.

About that period, I will chant to her at yoga tonight and hopefully her bloody mess will awaken you in the night.

i'm so sorry you're still waiting. how frustrating and cruel.

AF is a real bitch. Hope that she shows up soon.

Where are you Millie!? You are missed!

I am SO wearing one of those T-shirts to the family Christmas shindig!

Sorry about the MIA AF.

And Jitters, is that you talking about me behind my back?? LOL (re: contenders)

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