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Monday, 29 October 2007


As terrifying as the mere thought of this is...I am sooooooo doing a naked happy dance for you! heeheehee

It's great to see customer service is alive and well. Glad you got it sorted in the end - a true test of will. You know, on top of all the previous tests of will.


Good Luck with the juggling act of getting this all in place! I'm glad you're feeling giddy, that sounds nice actually.

Wow, good luck!!! Try to enjoy your NYC time, it is beautiful there during the holidays.

Here I am bitching about the wait when by my recollection you should have been there/done that by now. I should have been thinking a little further ahead and I would have sent you one of Mr. DD's tylenol with codeine for the hsg.

Happy Flushing!


It's about freaking TIME!

Seriously? Now I am thinking all the money I am paying to my chi-chi clinic is worth it. They called and scheduled my HSG for me. All I had to do was show up.

But December sounds like a great time. Best of luck!

Oooh, this is VERY exciting! Good Luck!

Can I send drugs???

OMG- giving PIO shots to yourself? I know its something several infertiles have done, but the thought sends chills down my spine.

Wow. That nurse was a total bitch. How DO these people manage to stay employed??
It's all very exciting, though! I'll be crossing my bits for you.

I would love to see you when you're out here.

And seriously. What is UP with bitchy nurses?

i can't believe all the ridiculousness that goes into making a simple appointment. or getting blood results.

hey, the husband is a fantastic PIO shot giver...come on over!

Something tells me that nurse is trying to make herself feel more important by being such a controlling beeotch over something so simple as an appt. Sheesh!

I hope that everything lines up from here on out, and that you start the new year with a passenger!

My transfer day was 12/18, so I think that's a very lucky time to do it.

Best of luck!

YAY for PIO in a nice clean bathroom stall at Newark - or even JFK or LGA!!! Awesome news, I hope the HSG is as easy as possible.

Thinking of you, my dear and so happy you're getting going!

Much love.

Thinking of you!

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