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Friday, 14 September 2007


oh parents can be rubbish sometimes. I hope the trip is fabulous. Particularly jealous of you getting to hang out with Emily. Please say hello from me.

I love Seattle - have a great time. If you see a grizzly in AL you must post a picture. Have a great trip!

Bon voyage! Tell the receding polar ice cap I said hey.

Damn straight you better call me if you're going to be here so we can hang out. It's been much too long.

Sounds lovely, have a fabulous time!!!

Bon voyage dear Millie!!

I get seriously seasick so I don't know about a cruise, but I would love to see the polar bears in their native habitat. We need pictures!

Enjoy the trip, it sounds really wonderful!

Have a great trip! If it makes you feel any better, my dad forgot my birthday, Thursday. Happy belated birthday! Thanks for the heads up about the HSG. I wonder if I should add that to my hysteroscopy and saline ultrasound? I was worried about an ectopic in the tubeless horns, too. Always something, I guess. Oh, to be normal and carefree...

Millie, you are not old... you are my age!!!
Have a great trip!

Happy belated Birthday!
Have a wonderful time!

happy belated birthday!

have a wonderful trip!!

Happy belated birthday! Enjoy your trip!

If it makes you feel any better, my mom one year called the day after my birthday, fully thinking that it was in fact my birthday, not the day after. Then for my 29th birthday, she sent flowers that said "Happy 30th Birthday." Of all people that ought to remember... This year she didn't even call (to be fair, she had just seen me the day before, but still...).

You might see Emily?!?! I'm so jealous. Please let her know that I'm thinking of her and hope that she's well.

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