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Thursday, 02 August 2007


Dear Millie, that's wonderful news!! Hooray for your friend -- may everything work out beautifully for you!

Wow! Huge plans for the fall!
You sure have an amazing lot of friends.

Is it at Cooper? Good luck wherever you are headed . . . sounds like an excellent plan! And you sound like the type of girl to be able to have fun anywhere you go . . . even if its Jersey!

New Jersey's gain is my loss. Boo! But I am totally excited that we get to do the rollercoaster virtually together. Shall we start comparing vitamins again???

Wow -- congratulations -- sounds like a wonderful plan. And I think the musical is Camelot (and I haven't even googled it)?

Well, shoot I was wrong, it's not Camelot . . . I'll not spoil it here and let others guess . . .

And already keeping things crossed for you Millie that this is the cycle.

YEAH!!! Sounds like a fantastic plan. From one DE recip to another... I REALLY hope this works out for you!!!

Ooo! Ooo! The Fantasticks!

And good luck in NJ, woman!

Who's picking up the Check? (That's a coded question . . . are you cycling with the God of IVF??)

Good Luck!

Great news! I am excited for you! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you on this cycle.

I hope you'll have time to get together with an old blogging friend while you're in the GS - email me and let me know.

The last stanza is too poignant to quote now, but I do hope more than anything that when deep December rolls around the "fire of [October]" will make you mellow...(is there a connotation of mellow that means knocked up? that too!)

Millie, please forgive my not checking in for so long. I've missed a lot of hard bits, and I am awfully awfully sorry. If you need dinner company in NJ, please let me know and I'll hop right on the next express train. And I promise to tease my hair.

BTW: little sis is right about now sitting on her porch on Stockton St., watching the Pacific, waiting for her new job/life to start... she's in love with SF already! I'll be out in the spring for sure. Thanks again for all those great shopping and eating tips!

that's so exciting, millie! and almost in my neck of the woods.

Oh, if you are going where I think you are going, we totally need to dish. I'm very excited about this possibility for you and I hope it works!

Oh, what a wonderful opportunity!

What fabulous news ! Go east, young lady, go east.

i LOVE hearing this news!!!!

it sounds very exciting, millie, I'm so pleased you're on the go again.

Fabulous news! And October on the East Coast is a beautiful time. If you're in CT, look me up.

This is by far the best news to cross my laptop all week! I am so hopeful for you!!

WOW! I didn't check your blog for a while and look what I missed!!! How exciting (I live in Philly right next to the Garden State). We had friends who offered us sperm. In the end we decided we didn't feel comfortable w/it and are choosing donor guys, but I was SO TOUCHED and I realized how much my best friend and her husband loved us. It was a very emotional time for me.

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