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Friday, 24 August 2007


Welcome back, Millie! So glad for the bit of progress that arrived while you were out, and I will hold an October thought for you.

It's funny, but my clinic never had any confirmation from my husband that it was ok to do the dIUIs and I always was curious as to why they didn't have him sign something. Point is moot now, but still...

Glad you're back in town. Thanks for stopping in earlier.

Ahhh, the MILs. You can't beat 'em, even if your husband gave you permission to.

Good luck!

Ya know, I couldn't agree with DD more about the MIL.

Sorry I got cut off from stinking stupid yahoo yesterday. I am convinced it is possessed.

My fingers will be crossed for you, Millie!!

Yay for progress!

OMG, I have a good feeling about this!!! Good luck with the phone consult. At least you're not flying that day. Nothing but good news for Millie's 42nd! Can't wait to hear about the MIL...we'll have to exchange stories sometime.

Welcome back! Hope you enjoyed the ::ahem:: Ren Faire. Am I allowed to say that?

Yeah, you're cycling this Fall. How exciting. Sounds like your trip only had a few little blips on the screen. Glad to hear no dumb questions : ) By the way, your new kitty is a cutie!

Welcome back! You have been missed!
Glad you survived the reunion w/o too much drama! And I am jealous you got to meet little Zara.
Wishing you all the best for an October cycle!!

Don't you love fall? Everything really seems to get going, doesn't it? What's that Earth, Wind and Fire song?

Do let me know when you have travel dates...


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