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Saturday, 25 August 2007


Awwww she's so cute! How about Stella? (No idea where that came from...)

Ohhhhh how sweet is she. What about "Zelda" or "Luna"?. Always thought that'd be cool names for a kitty.

Lovely, lovely..

Lisle (I think) was the name of the oldest girl in The Sound of Music. Just to throw that in, if you're asking for names.

What's she coming out of? I thought for a moment she was wearing a bright blue vet collar.

How about Petunia? That's my cat's name and she doesn't mind if you use it.

Very cute kitten, by the way.

What is that blue thing?

Her head is totally adorable...

I'm not a kitty person, but that's one of the cutest kitties that I've ever seen.

OMG! That little thing is so ridiculously cute there aren't even words!

the original daisy mae makes me sing that song to her every night at bed time.

and i myself just like receiving packages. i'm not picky about packaging!

~daisy mae

Cute frock on that kitten! Adorable!


I'm getting a new kitten next month and I'm over the moon with excitement. If you do happen to go for daysgoby's suggestion, the spelling is Liesl.

(And if you ever wondered what happened to all of those cute little kids, check out http://www.charmiancarr.com/ -- she played Liesl in the movie, and her Pictures page has updated pics of all of the children today!)

oh my goodness, she's a doll! She's so adorable ~ that face!

She is so adorable! Looks like a bundle of energy all wrapped up in soft grey fur!

You know I love feline babies!

How about Maria? (as in Sister . . . ) Or Zoe? Or Jezabelle? (or however you spell that).

My husband got me a kittne for my birthday recently. It was the best thing he could have done for me. It is so much fun to love on the little bundle.

Oh, picking the name was the hard part!

Have fun.

So cute!

Aww- I am so jealous! There's nothing better than a little purring ball of fur! Awww!!

Awww so adorable...just discovered your blog. Best wishes on your ttc journey =).

So pretty! Congrats!

Adorable kitty!!! How about Zoe?

I always like clio/cleo for a cat - something about the cleopatra/egyptian link, they were rather keen on cats there.

She is really really sweet. I hanker after a kitten, but H is pretty insistent that if we get a pet,it would be a dog. Oh the dog/cat incompatability, what to do what to do.

Looking forward to hearing more about your cutie.

I've had one cat in my life, named for a childhood hero, Nadia Comeneci. And she turned out to be a real tank of an athlete, just like her namesake...

Our dogs are Rub (after a Richard Russo character) and Sugar Boy (after no one but his sweet little self). All names wind up fitting perfectly however they get chosen (even poor old Schlitz, a childhood Wiemeraner my father insisted on naming--terrible name, but he was a goofy loping dog it kind of suited...)


Oh, he's ADORABLE! I had a kitty like him in college, his name was "Snatch"

Highly inappropriate I realize, but it was college so you get it..


Oh what a sweet little furr-faced lovemuffin that little girl is!!! Hmm...my two girls are named Gigi and Coco (short for Ghislaine and Colette). I once read that animals like names with "hard" sounds in them. Shorter names are easier for calling them... Maybe give her a few days in the house with you and the mister and see if anything in her personality brings forth a suitable name? She might surprise you!!

How about Whiskers?

Oh my goodness, what a snuggly little bean. So cute!!

how about "just too cute"? coz she is :)

Cutie pie! Kittens are so wonderful. I am not too original with names. My cat is named "kitty"

How about Rosie? As in "Raindrops on Roses . . . "

So what did you name your kitty?? I'm also dying to know what the heck she is wearing in this picture. Gray kitties are the best.

She looks like a Mabel to me. :-) So cute!!!! I hope you are on track for your Garden State adventure . . .

ADORABLE. Please let me your tricks to convince your SO?? I have been begging for a kitty for years. I git the dog after 8 years & with much resistance, but the mister loves him and now says we will always have a standard poodle member of the family. Why can he not see that a kitty would be the same???

About that song...it is my mother's favorite song - she listens to it on record as part of a Holiday record collection she ordered from some magazine (probably Reader's Digest) when I was a child. I can picture the set vividly and I looked forward to the holiday season each year because I would put that song on the record player in my room (yes I was just that cool) and jump on my bed. It is not really a bed jumping song, but if I danced on the floor the record would skip.

Aw... the memories.

Well, for a cat...
(sorry confirmed dog person)
but yes, very VERY cute.

How about Parker - for Charlie Parker who does the best jazz rendition of that song ever.

Yummy! I love cats! Have no name suggestions - you don't even want to know the names of my cats - bizarro!

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