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Wednesday, 08 August 2007


Yeah!!!! Congrats, and well done! Maybe you'll have time to get together in the near future?

ah the act of creativity. I must do some more baking soon...

Wow, the dessert sounds great! Congrats on the rollout of your big project!

Yum! Congrats on going live!

What a great feeling to launch something new! It sounds like you met that milestone in great style.

I had the urge to bake something this week, too, which is usually my passion/hobby. Not anything as beautiful as yours (tried a new triple-chocolate brownie recipe, from scratch). I found it more work than usual but totally worth it.

How does your work outlook appear now that it's live?

Wow - baking the actual tart shells! I bow to your domestic prowess.


Sounds fun. And very yummy. Can you email me a tart, s'il vous plait? ;)

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