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Friday, 22 June 2007


It really looks like a lovely place to go--I spent a good part of my childhood not far from there and love that area. Have fun and hang in there. I'll be thinking of you two.

ooooh! That looks perfect. Have a great weekend.

Enjoy your weekender my love, and don't feel guilty for some sampling of wine! And btw- stay away from the sticks! Methinks they are pure evil....

Oh wow! We are going somewhere similar this weekend for my DH's birthday (which is today). http://www.costanoa.com/site.php I think that the place where you're going looks lusher and the idea of being close the wineries has more of an appeal in some ways. Our place is close to the ocean, canyons, and we're going to try to do some hiking and kayaking. We're definitely going to try to get to the place where you're at sometime in the future tho! (Kicking myself for not reading your blog before I paid for our "last minute" room this morning).

I hope that it was just too early for anything to be picked up by a POAS test. Those things are evil. I know we can never resist. I'm going to keep having positive thoughts for you for Monday. Fingers crossed.

Have a lovely weekend with your DH and the pooches...if you taste anything spectacular, please blog about it!

Sweetie I'm sorry about the white spaces. Really sorry. I know it might be too early but I also know it's gutting nonetheless. I hope the swallowing is a blessed relief.

Sorry about the snowyness - I hope you enjoy your weekend! Pee sticks tell you jack anyway. Evil addiction!

-fellow addict

Oooooh, looks wonderfully relaxing! Have a good time!

You are in my thoughts & I've got a lot of things crossed for you, Millie.
Eat some good stuff this weekend; hope you get a bit of rest :)

Sorry anout the pee sticks. I hope they are wrong.

Enjoy the swallowing. It is too good to spit out anyhoo. Those cabins look just darling. I could have one at the bottomn of my garden.

I do hope you are taking care of yourself Millie. You are in my thoughts as the big day rolls around (and I'm not just saying that in the cliche hallmark kind of way). I'm saddened by the looming space on the pee stick. I wish it were different. Damn, I wish this were different for all of us.

Thanks for the shout out! Even at such a nasty and anxious time in your cycle you amaze me with how kind you are to lead people over to my dark side.

I am so sorry about the pee stick. I so hope that it is wrong. Enjoy your weekend.

thinking of you today, millie.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend...hoping so very much for good results later today.

hi there millie...

i hope you had a fabulous time with your man and pups...

i am thinking of you...


You are SO very much on my mind. I hope you had a great time and that somehow those pee stinks are sorely mistaken.

that place looks heavenly! hope you had a fun time!

Thinking of you today...will be online a while if you need me.

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