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Wednesday, 06 June 2007


Your hub seems very empathetic! I know for my Mr it was the OHSS, and then the pathology report after the m/c that did it for him. He admits to feeling a little removed from the rest of the process, and does wish I wouldn't take it so hard... even saying so a couple of times, although he's worded it very carefully. I think the waiting for you in the ER during the ectopic would have brought it home to him very closely.


I try to look at the big picture too. For me this journey is all about becoming a parent. Thanks for your thoughtful answers.

Great review; I laughed several times, especially at the bit about the Fed Ex guy. (Which led me to a brief fantasy about my UPS guy.) I'd like to read more of your thoughts on the egg donor industry -- I'll check out your blog category.

Great review! Love your mister, too :-)

I know that it happens, but it's almost hard for me to imagine why someone couldn't understand the parallel purusing of embryo donation and adoption. Either process can be extremely time consuming and in the attempt to start one's family, (especially after investing this much time upfront) waiting even longer can be torturous. Is it so hard to believe that we want to hurry along the good things in our lives? Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and the mister's.

There is just so many great thoughts here, you have actually stopped me from going into the kitchen and grabbing the brownies I know are waiting for me on the counter. I'm really that amazed by all that I've read that I've gone back to dream over sentences here and there.

I love the dragonfly necklace story. And I can completely understand how that cycle in South Africa could be a source of comfort now. Sort of like seeing the white rabbit run by one afternoon many months after you're back from Wonderland.

And I loved this line: We are committed: to building our family through whatever means work for us. You go, girl.

I especially loved your analogy:

pregnancy is to parenting
wedding is to marriage

GOod idea to focus on the big picture.

Enjoyed your review. Best of luck on whichever route brings you to momhood.

OMG! Twins from different mothers -- Bay Area resident, trying to guess which drs. are which - I'm playing that game with your blog, as I also did with Waiting for Daisy. My marriage is mixed too - so looking at donors. . . that's tough. Wierd parallel - when I had my (not surprising) ectopic, the clinic I was in told me about the cervical ectopic - it was the same week, and they were very worried. More parallels - I wear a dragonfly - it's what I got instead of an engagement ring. Thanks for letting me know it's a fertility symbol too!
Still hoping hard for you -- only a few more days until the transfer!

I read "The Kid" even before I knew we were infertile. It's just a great book.

And we know who got us pregnant.

It was the lab technican, Stan.

I remember lunch in SA and the dragonfly necklace. It's bittersweet to remember that day with you, and to think of the divergent paths on which we've been since then. My heart has ached for you with all you've been through since then. It is my most fervent wish that you will be holding your baby very, very soon.

And thanks for the plug - I'm enough of a blog whore to love the new traffic. But seriously, if you really want to see someone amazing, go look in the mirror. You rock.

(and thanks for the review - I've heard mixed ones, but I'm going to read it now!)

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