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Monday, 11 June 2007


So glad everything thawed so perfectly. Hope all keeps clicking along...sending you best wishes.

Yay on the three embies!!! I am holding such huge hope for you...

Keeping everything crossed for you! It's more than past your turn.

my good thoughts and lots of hope are with you...

So happy that the embryos thawed and that the transfer went well. I hope you'll have more good news soon! I'll be thinking of you.

(Oh, and maybe I shouldn't mention this since I am guessing you aren't drinking, but the Tres Agaves marg recipe is great. I've made many pitchers of them already.)

Woo hoo!!! Glad to hear about the three embies and that the transfer went smoothly. I will be thinking about you often and hope that the 2ww passes by quickly and with a big 'ol BFP at the end!!! Enjoy your relaxation time with the bad tv. Big hugs coming your way.

I am so glad that your transfer went smoothly. I have everything crossed for you Millie!

so glad everything went well...i'm thinking of you guys and those snuggly embryos.

Oh boy!! This is very exciting...

Fantastic news, wow 3 embies on board!
Fingers crossed.

YAY ! YOU'RE HOME FROM YOUR TRANSFER ! I feel just like that receptionist. Get comfy little embies and make yourselves at home.

Thinking of you and the mister-


Three is freaking awesome!!! I'm holding thumbs and crossing everything else as well.

I hope you can keep yourself occupied and stay calm and happy through the sucky 2 ww - eat yummy foods :)

You know I've got everything all twisted up and crossed for you. I hope your wait goes quickly, with pink lines all around! You are always in my thoughts!

My DH just asked what I was typing, and told me to come back and tell you he's got everything crossed for you and the Mister too!

A smooth transfer - that's fabulous! I'm glad to hear it went so well. I've got my fingers crossed and am hoping for the best!

I have been reading (and lurking since I have never commented before, sorry for that) your blog for about a year now, I stumbled across it, don't even remember how. I just wanted to let you know you have another person from the internets wishing you the very best. I do sincerely hope you and the mister get your happy ending.

I've read your blog for a long time now, but do more lurking than commenting. I just wanted to wish you Good Luck! And let you know I've got my fingers crossed for you.

so freaking excited for you millie!

Just back from my hols and adding in my whoo-hoos. I am holding thumbs for you, babe!

Wow -- great news. Good luck!

Yay! What a great transfer!!

Good luck! Good luck!

Yay for the great thaw! Sorry I sounded so worried on the voice mail, I hadn't seen this post! Got all parts crossed!

Millie - Yippee - all three thawed!! It's wonderful to start out with 100%, n'est'ce pas? The odds MUST be in your favor this time, everything is crossed & hugs from DH and I to you and your DH!!

I'll be thinking about you guys! Great thaw!

{whew} Glad things are moving right along. Here my nosy Q: are you a compulsive POAS kinda gal, or do you wait for the beta? I am rooting for you!

Good stuff! Join my TWW club, it'll be fun, I promise :)

YAY! This sounds really, really good, especially all the well-wishing from the receptionists. I think I heart your clinic.

Yay indeed - great thaw news! Hope the 2ww passes swiftly!

3 is great! I'll be thinking nice, warm, cushy uterine thoughts for them.

This brings a much needed smile to my face. Finally SOMEONE getting some much-deserved action around here!

But here's a question: (why do I always have questions for you? - that's not the question.) If an US guided transfer is "old school", what is "new school"?

That's great that they all survived to transfer. Congrats. Here's hoping for some good beta numbers in about 8 more days.

Wishing you all the best of luck.

Wishing you all the best of luck.

sounds very very good. Everything, and I mean everything, is crossed for you.

nice thawing embies! wishing you the best.

Congrats... I know, a bit earlier on that account, but one hurdle over is one hurdle down. Cheers to you! Enjoy some tv and junk food. Spend some time surfing around and know I'm clinking a glass of wine in your honor! Well done!

Wow - 3 out of 3!!!

Here's hoping the 2ww isn't too tortuous and it ends with the best news EVER!

I'm so glad it went well!


Wow! I had no idea but since I haven't talked to you in a while thought I'd check your blog to see what was going on. Congratulations on a smooth transfer and I will definitely be checking in often for the next couple weeks to obsess with you. :-)

waoo, all 3 survived! This is very exciting. Keeping my fingers crossed for you

An excellent thaw! My fingers are crossed for you.

Why did I think we'd know sooner? I keep refreshing your blog...

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