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Monday, 18 June 2007


Oh that bastard thyroid, doesn't it know who is in charge around here? Let's hope that synthroid kicks it into the right range. (and at 3dp3dt you could have had a teensy bit of hcg circulating, plus of course leftover hcg from the shot, so perhaps that explains it a bit?)

The dreaded two week wait AND news that you don't want to hear at any stage, let alone during this time. Grrr...I don't possess the scientific knowledge of Thalia, so I'll just say - what she said.

Good luck.

Crossing everything that this works itself out and its due to being pg...

Ah, I am sorry to hear about the uncooperative thyroid!
I hate my thyroid (or lackthereof).

Wishing you all the best with the continued wait...

Curses on your thyroid! Such a frustrating thing. Hope the new bump in meds helps with the exhuastion. Also, just to let you know that a wonky thyroid doesn't necessarily mean IVF failure--when I had my TSH checked during my IVF cycle, it was pretty high for me (4 or 5 something, don't recall what exactly offhand). Despite my pleas to change the dose, my doctor didn't do anything, and the cycle still worked.

I don't know much about thyroid issues, but I can relate to the whole "trying to get everything perfect before I cycle" because with DE, it takes so much just to get to the point of being able to cycle at all. I remember freaking out because I had a fever during the 2ww and could it have killed off the embryos, and I was a mess. I tried very much to take a "if these embryos are meant to be my children, it will work" approach, but its still hard in the thick of things. Sorry, hope that's not a**vice, but its one of the few thoughts that helped keep me somewhat sane during the process.

hoping for the best. i was figuring out in my head last night when your beta would be. soon, i thought. i can't believe they make you wait so long!

oh geez, nothing can ever be easy. Are you really going to wait the full two weeks to test? your audience is DYING!

Oh man. Sorry to hear about what I hope turns out to be a minor blip in the program. Keeping fingers crossed for you, avoiding cracks in the sidewalk, etc.

Hoping very hard for you Millie, despite the tyroid issue. Hugs.

Well, I can tell you from my research last year that elevated estrogen levels push your TSH up hence the reason to be monitored and meds adjusted when cycling. Remember my 4.8 the week I came back from CT? Now just because that happened to me does not mean all is not lost, I am very, very, very sure. Why did you not sneak in a HCG test at 3dp3dt ;)

Mil, this is the slowest 2ww! Grrr... test would you? Even though it wouldn't be accurate it sure would be a bone thrown to the audience... I'm addicted to your cycle, especially now that you've got the thyroid drama to accessorize an already heightened waiting period.

GOD - that is a tortuous wait. Inquiring minds want to know when the peeing will begin. Tomorrow sounds good to me . . . .

I am sorry your TSH is freaking you out - but I am convinced it's just wild pregnancy hormones. I agree with Pamplemousse about the estrogen too.

Oh, dear, I sure hope your petulant thyroid behaves itself for a while. On the positive side, 4.change isn't terribly high, and I am hoping that Dr. Endo's optimistic idea is correct.

And, if I'm thinking of the right Dr. Endo, she really DOES have the best shoes. Always so charming, especially with her little cashmere sweaters.

Dying for those beta results. It does seem like forever, though?


Fucking thyroid.

Trus Dr Endo's "all is not lost" words. And just wait until you see the job pregnancy does on that little fucker - I had to get checked every month, with all kinds of tweaks.

I'm still holding hope for you, and things looked great before your transfer, so keep positive.

I'd like to second the "estrogen goes up, tsh goes up" theory. I remember reading something about that.

hang in there, millie. 2ww before beta? Ouch. Thinking of you every day.


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