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Thursday, 21 June 2007


i'm with you on the telling thing. our god daughters are both adopted and i remember when avery died, the oldest one asked her mom, 'why don't they just adopt a baby?' in a very matter of fact way. i love that at such a young age they understand their history and they have the knowledge that adoption, birth, whatever... they are all legitimate means to build a family and they, as adopted children, are just as loved and valued as any other kids born into a family. it seems so much healthier for all involved to take this approach.

and dang it, if i'm going nuts during your 2ww, i imagine you guys are insane... we're thinking good thoughts for you.

Ooh. Snow white. I'd like to keep hoping it's all going to work out, but a line would have been good at this point. I guess we'll know for sure soon.

Your thoughts on telling seem wise. There's open, and then there's none of your business.


When my parents adopted my brother from Thailand, my Grandfather remarked that they were doing their part to make the world brown....

Amazing how people feel they can just rip off statements like that.

I'm sorry - that today wasn't a postitve day, that your husband (and you!) are facing this choice, and for the turmoil he's facing. No matter how horrible, the idiots are still home to him.

Here's hoping its just a little too early for a + test.
I'm sorry your inlaws are going to be so difficult about it all (whether its embryo donation or adoption).

Bugger! I hate that I'll be gone from the computer for the next several days (until the 30th at least). I'll be thinking and hoping for you, Millie.

i'm still sending poz vibes your way. hope your outing was fun, despite.

Of course I'm still holding out hope too.

Your thoughts on telling make perfect sense to me, also. Bugger the outlaws.

Millie, for someone who wasn't going to make a long post on the subject, I think you found more to talk about than predicted. Your thoughts make perfect sense to me. I'm still holding out some hope for this cycle... but then I'm also holding my second glass of Shiraz so my judgement is a bit impaired.

Hang on hun, I'll be back to see what the next couple of days bring.

your thoughts on telling/not telling sound right on target to me....well, most of what you write sounds right on to me, really. sending you good, positive vibes....

Try to hang in there dear Millie. Please know that I am thinking about you.

Not telling is just not an option in my book either. I'm sorry you have a sticky family situation to deal with, nothing like making things more difficult when you need support. Hoping and wishing.

First off, good luck!!

I am about to go "in the book" and there is an entire branch of my extended family that doesn't even know we hope to be parents, much less that we are adopting. Why? Because they will be more trouble than support and I am all about minimizing my stress these days.

There are times when holding yor cards close is the best way to go. It's your family and your and your future child's story to tell when and how you want to.

Our social worker clarified this for me in such a simple way: It's not about secrecy, it's about privacy. And we all have a right to that.

Fingers are crossed, stomach is knotted, and my feet are tapping. What else can I say? Good luck...I think I already said this. I hope....I really hope.

I'm here rooting for you. I'm sorry I haven't been up to writing but I check in on you often and send good thoughts your way.

Holding positive thoughts for you Millie! A getaway with the mister and the pooches sounds like just the ticket!

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