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Thursday, 14 June 2007


How nice to get a call from the donors! They sound like lovely people too.

Oooh, the seminar sounds really interesting...Will you give us the highlights? I love seminar notes.

I am rooting for you with this FET!

Trying to use google as a crystal ball, hey? Never the most successful plan. Hope you stay distracted with seminars/work/etc.


Sounds like you've got lots of fun stuff planned to keep you occupied. When is beta day? Next friday?

You're going to Tomales Bay!!??? I am SO JEALOUS! I love that place. I have only been to Hog Island Oysters for chowing down on oysters, but it was delicious! There's a great place in Inverness across the bay (Manka's) but it suffered a recent fire...if you haven't been there, you must go (once it's up and running again).

I honestly don't know how you're not POAS like mad. I wouldn't be able to resist. I have everything crossed for you and the mister!!

I need to hang out with foodies. Seriously, where are we going tonight? Cracker Barrel.

Oh my good lord.

I'm hoping so hard for you and the mister even as I'm jealous of your oysters.

But that doesn't quite sound right, does it?

Mmm, oysters. That place is definitely going to be on the list of places to see....sometime hahaha. PS I have e-mailed you on gmail.

It sounds like you have plenty to keep you busy. I too would love to hear about the seminar. Fingers and toes are crossed for you!

Okay the meal sounds wonderful and I'm jealous a foodie - where can I find one of those? It'd be nice to have one nearby and available... as for various outcomes for a FET - google can be your friend or your foe - in this instance probably more foe than friend. Hang in there and I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

I hope the zen wins out over the googling.
Hang in there!

Anxiously awaiting beta day. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

okay i'm gonna go nuts. when are you 10dpo? was that considered a 3 day transfer? i need to be able to have some concrete date in my head when you are going to POAS

Good luck Millie!

I'm just so damned excited for you, and so full of hope.


God, that's weird. We've been contemplating going to the Tomales bay place for oysters on Sunday also. We often head up there with a bunch of friends, but haven't done it in a really, really long time. Maybe I'll see you there. heh.
I'm still crossing my fingers and toes for you!!

Good luck!

Hang in there babe! I'm routing for you! I have to say, you had me on pins and needles when I read the title! I love that you aren't putting all your eggs in one basket (pun intended). Let us know how the seminar went.

i am the WORST about POAS so i totally sympathize. dh and i are totally on pins and needles waiting for some news..

I love oysters also.

Thinking of you Millie, good luck! I'm a total peestick addict so I can't say anything...

Yummmmmmm oysters...... soooo jealous!

Stay away from the evil pee sticks! Stay distracted with work and hopefully you'll have good news soon! x

Tease!! My heart nearly dropped when I saw the title - so, when does testing start? Although I can't say I necessarily support this particular addiction, it is one kind of distraction.

Dear Millie, I'm just catching up now, and so excited to see that the transfer has happened and that all went well. I can't even tell you how much I'm hoping that it continues to work out beautifully for you. XO

you're a poas tease

Thinking positive thoughts for you Millie!!!

Good luck millie. I am still checking up on you from time to time.

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