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Thursday, 24 May 2007


Oh lordy lordy, I swear we have the same MIL...they must clone them up there. Maybe they take BMIL classes?

How about this one...don't let your son see his dad (who has cancer) on father's day because BDIL will come along on the visit? Grrrrrr.

Oh, Millie, that is just awful! What a horrendous bunch of crap to contend with from your own family...

Except -- I just remembered -- she's not YOUR family, is she?? (What a horrible thought in the first place, and what an act of aggression to rub it in your face constantly!)

What an uber bitch your MIL is. And what a great post - frankly, I hope she finds it somehow.

I'm happy to fly out and beat her up for you. I'll bring my brass knuckles :)

Oh, Honey-Child, you HAVE to submit these for publication on the inlawssuck site. I guess if you're going to be a Bad DIL, you might as well be very, VERY bad. ;)

I can't really comment as i am incredibly lukcy and my MIL is lovely, so I am not a BDIL, but this was hilarious (as well as really sad).

Oh honey...our MILs must be sisters or something (per earlier emails!).

I can relate to the first thing on your list...Before I got married, never once in my life had I been asked to step out of a photo opp "because I was not family!"

Yes, I have one like yours. She shows surprise that you made something to eat that is passable. "Oh, I thought DH made it." The frowns and complaints. She is totally unable to praise anything. The most positive thing that I have ever heard her say about a meal was "That was good, usually it is no good and too expensive." The thing that I love the most about dear MIL is that she is loves to discuss death and disease in front of the children. My oldest is 5. I have to remind her that the kids understand and maybe could we discuss it later (like next century maybe).

What is wrong with people? Is it so hard to be a decent human being?
She sounds like she feels threatened by you and your "little" career...

Oh god, she's APPALLING. I cannot believe the words ARSENIC and SLAP FIGHT have not come up in your list...

Oh my goodness Millie! Your MIL sounds awful. I can't even imagine.

Hm. Goodness gracious me. That's my restrained version, of course.


Your MIL sounds just awful. I can't imagine how the travel year holidays just suck. I am so sorry that you have to deal with this shxx.

Holy crap! I am sorry. I do have to say this did make me appreciate my in laws a lot more. Wow!

I think my MIL is afraid that I'm going to eat her...

I think my MIL may have found this list....

My MIL is passive aggressive bt I wish she could somehow "stumble" on this list. Funny and sad.

Bitchily yours,


I'm the MIL. I am trying to get some insights from this site. I don't understand why there is so much innate tension in this relationship.

What can you say. Our BDIL has a motor mouth. Only her opinion counts. Right now she isn't talking to us and won't let us see our grandkids. I hope there is Karma and some day she will have a BDIL that she deserves. There are 2 sides to every story and of course hers is the only one that counts.

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