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Sunday, 18 March 2007


I can't believe that she's already leaving tomorrow. We ran into her and T at our infant cpr class, and it seemed like so long ago. This is so awesome.

Now that's my kind of shower.


Darn, I wish I could've gone to that. Sounds like fun. So happy it is finally working out.

OOh she had a shower and didn't invite us. But I'm glad we got to share in it through you. Very, very excited. Thank you millie.

What a perfect shower.... so happy you could be there!

That's amazing, wonderful news...and I want the little baby leather jacket ;-)

Oh, what exciting news! I can't wait for her recap.

Wow. I didn't realize it would be so quick. Where do you find a baby leather jacket?

Whoo hoooooooo!!

Thanks so much for this post. But thanks more for coming to the shower! I had a great, great time and am so glad that you made the trek from across the waters.

And I hadn't noticed that everyone was dressed in black (except me, of course I wore black; I always wear black) but then confirmed it by looking at the photos. Yep, you're right. My friends are not that colorful!

SO glad you could come. And now that we're back from Korea, and now that I'm on leave until the end of June, we MUST get together so I can introduce you to the new love of my life...

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