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Monday, 05 March 2007


I know! Broke dude's nose! But Dookie boy is out a game and H says he'll be up for the tourney, so hopefully it's all good now.

Yay for cd3! Boo for bcp, they suck. But the cycle is happening and I have some reallllly good vibes about it. :o)

It's Christian Laettner all over again. Dook sucks.

Yay! You are starting a cycle! No fair. lol.
I'm waiting for my donor to get her period before I even get started on anything.
I'm very excited for you, and I'm glad DH is getting ready to work on the nursery. It *is* about time!

Oh the lovely bcps - talk about happy happy joy joy. I joyfully feel like ripping off heads on bcps. But yay!

Sorry about your boys, bad sportsmanship that doesn't include Alex Rodriguez and the Yankees? Hmmm...

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