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Friday, 16 February 2007


Sorry about your chiro's loss. Brownies will surely be appreciated, along with the thought. It's always a little better when someone who is in a position to know is sympathetic.

I really wanted to believe that the Starbucks post over at Julie's was a joke. Surely, they couldn't actually start the post with a slam at the ART crowd. Makes me happy I missed my trip to SB this AM. I love Peets much much better--and am happy that their shared corporate interests don't go any farther than some of the pastry choices.

Take care and have a fab birthday party. To heck with the 'rents. It's nice to figure that the apple must have rolled far from the tree.

Oh man, I read this over at embryo motel last week. I can't even tell you how pissed off I was. I can't believe Starbucks hasn't gotten TONS of complaints for this (or maybe they have and they don't care, and if that's the case, I wonder if I could submit some sort of assholish remark and get it published). Julie's entry was hysterical.

And I'm sorry about your chiro's loss. Brownies and a good friend like you will definitely help.

Wow. I'm so sorry, always, to hear of someone's pregnancy loss. I'm sure she'll appreciate you reaching out.

Brownies are really nice. Brownies from someone who knows how it feels are really, REALLY nice.

Just caught up...looking forward to your D-MB cycle. I'm still hopeful that 2007 is your year. Sorry about your chiro. Brownies can't hurt, that's for sure. You're sweet to think of her. Thanks for the nice comments lately and all your support this past year or so. Keep hanging in there, its all worth it in the end.

p.s. how about the chocolate stout cupcake recipe? We had cupcakes for our wedding "cake" eight years ago. I love 'em.

Dear Millie, I just got caught up on your last posts. So glad things are coming together for you with the donors! Wonderful news.

I was less thrilled to hear about your in-laws and their latest escapade. Dealing with them must be very tough.

Yes, Starbucks was seriously out of line there. Seriously.

And how lovely of you to make brownies. What a perfect gesture of comfort. I'm sure they will be much appreciated.

Oh your poor chiro, I'm so sorry to hear that. I'm sure brownies will be some solace.

And the starbucks thing? Yes, I think Julie's response was the right one. What were they thinking?

Hi Millie!
I saw your post over on Barefoot and..'s blog. I didn't want to interrupt the celebration of the long awaited Tar Heels, so I thought I would catch you here. I'm hanging in, thanks! The majority of my body parts hurt from staying on my left side, and even The Baby Story and related shows are starting to get boring. But, the little one is hanging in there, in spite of many scary bleeds. 23 weeks, 1 day and counting. Thanks, so much, for asking!

I'm so sorry for your chiro's loss. It's wonderful of you to acknowledge her pain. I think that one of the worst side effects of loss are the cliche'd (but probably well meaning) comments like "it just wasn't meant to be". I imagine that she'll truly appreciate your gesture.

Please let me know if you write a book about the DEmb process and what to call the donating parties. We have an open relationship with our donors, but haven't really decided to what extent we'll acknowledge the link. Our embryos came from a donor egg cycle, that successfully completed their family - just to add another layer to the confusion. We all agreed to sort of play things by ear, although we do plan to meet up sometime next summer, provided I actually make it to the "take home baby" phase of this journey. We didn't spend a lot of time thinking it through, because let's face it - no one really thought that I would get this far. Not to add a cliche of my own, but if this can work for me.....it's gotta work for you!!! :)

Good luck, and now that I've discovered your blog, I'll be a regular!


Do let me know if "east" is anywhere near Beantown if/when you make arrangements. Would love to treat you to some goodies and yammer for a while, if so.


I had this Starbucks cup this morning and it made me so mad I posted about it on my own blog. It was, without a doubt, my last Starbucks ever. So I started googling to see if maybe I was just being an overly sensitive infertile. From what I've found, looks like I'm not.

Its sad that some people want to "guilt" infertile people about not considering adoption.

If someone doesn't wish to adopt, its their business and no one else's. It doesn't make them a bad person. It just means that is not how they want to become a parent.

Adoptive parents - please don't take it personally when some of us keep pursuing fertility treatments. It is nothing against you or your family. And also, realize that a lot of us WILL be successful in eventually having a biological child.

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