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Friday, 02 February 2007


Ya know, cupcakes aren't a cure-all, but they make a mighty fine band-aid.

I'm sorry about the chiropractor. Stories like that just bring up all the old bitterness and "why me" of being on the wrong side of the statistics.

Yes, baking as a band-aid is something with which I am deeply familiar. I'm glad you got to put some kind of band-aid on yesterday's pain. It sounds like a tough day.

Oh, Millie, I'm so sorry about that chiropractor's news hitting you so hard. A very similar thing happened to me in December and I was so sad and even guilty (on top of all my devastation) that another person's innocent joy could hurt me so much. You're so right, infertility is toxic.

And I'm sorry, too, that the Mister had such a painful day. Seeing my husband crying would shatter me to pieces.

Yes, I remember being so pleased when - after a hiatus of a year - I wanted to see my GP again, for something minor and she was unavailable due to maternity leave.
I'm sure she started trying after writing my referral for ob/gyn number one (who by the way also became PG a few months later).

At times I feel a bit alone in this, because my husband simply does not have the urge to have a family. He could go for the childfree option any day. The silver lining in my mind is that I don't have to bear his hurt on top of mine.

Having met your mister and known right away what a good guy he is, this hit me hard, too. I wish he wasn't sad and am glad that your cupcakes were able to put a little bandaid on the day.

I hope the cucakes helped as well.

I was surprised by the mayor.

I hope it wasn't naked Harry Potter with a horse bandaids instead. They're making those now, right?

Cupcakes sound great. We want all the details.

Hang in there. I'm sorry about the pregnancy ambush.

It's horrible how lethal that infertility toxin is.

I always find that it's not that I wish anything bad on anyone - I just don't want to have to bear witness to all the happy news.

I had a similar thing happen last year - a friend 41 first cycle IVF: BOOM = pregnant = still pregnant 6 months later.

First of all, poor E and his finger! Was he channeling my clumsiness? Glad you took care of him. Geesh.

On the mayor -- what a tool. And then he has the nerve to spout off about the inappropriateness of a porn studio in the Mission. Oh Gavin, just zip it, in every sense of the word!

Finally, I'm sorry about the chiro. You can't help how you feel. And you of anyone are usually the most happy for everyone else, kwim? So let yourself be petty for once.

The cupcakes sound divine! Please post the recipe if you are able :-)

Sorry to hear about the pregnancy ambush. ;-(

Hate getting gobsmacked with news like that, I'm sorry about the mister having to deal with that. He sounds like a very caring man. And you are a good wife to take the cupcakes over, now you just need to ship some to me;).

In five years, I've never gotten used to the ambushes. Sigh. Like a Pavlovian response I've got a routine that belies the deep pain.

Take care.

I'm so sorry, Millie -- I hate the thought of your Mister crying, too.

Much love to you both.

Ack, don't you hate it when you psychically know when everyone around you gets knocked up? Geez...

About Newsom. You know. This IS the Bay Area. Maybe Gavin and the wife AND the husband were all having a well, you know, 'swinging' good time?

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