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Thursday, 15 February 2007


My in-laws have never been to our home....EVER. It's because I live here too. They refused to come to the big 3-0 party for M as well. I understand how you feel oh so well. But hey! They did give him a talking blood pressure cuff for his birthday this year! That's love, right?

Oh yes, it is cheaper, faster, and all around easier to fly east...didn't you know? I mean, you should totally go, but then just plan on staying there. Cause by the time you actually made it all the long way back to the west you will surely have lost your home and job. And if it is winter time you will never get your cattle all the way back...and what if the Indians get you?

Ok, sorry. I just really hate in-laws.

Ugh, I feel your pain. I can't tell you all the passive/agressive ways my in-laws have gotten us to go on horrible boring trips. I am sorry you're dealing with this, but at the same time I guess I'm glad to know I'm not alone...

I love your in-law posts! Priceless!

Love the comment about people who design their own homes. My FIL is an architect and he's always moaning about that. And you really can tell when amateurs do it...they always end up with too many hallways, wasted space.

I hope the in-laws just write a nice big happy birthday check and are done with it!

Speaking of your in-law posts, whatever happened with "the wedding" you wrote about a few months ago? Inquiring minds want to know!

You wonder, sometimes, if some people listen to themselves when they speak.


Is the check they are sending large enough to pay for your trip to FIL birthday? Somehow I doubt it.

Oh, my comment was eaten!

Anyway it had something to do with looking on the bright side (as screwed up as they are, their son sounds like a great guy!) and being secretly grateful if they don't come to the party (will the mister be disapointed?)

They do make a great blog topic!

Your inlaws suck. I just got a ticket to fly from all the way across the country from West to East and it cost me less than $325 which is a sweeeeet deal. They suck. I hate when people make up a whole bunch of 'excuses' but don't have a one damn good 'reason' in the bunch. Ugh.

And to think that I never knew that is was both much faster and practically free to fly from West to East.
My MIL pales in comparison - and that is saying a lot.

Hey, Millie.... your ILs sound like they might be from my old neck of the woods.... state pen? check. third rate college for rich kids? check. You're not talking El*mira, are you, by any chance?


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