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Thursday, 08 February 2007


Congrats on coverage. I had awesome fertility coverage back in 00 when I lived in PA. We spent like, 20k last year, which while is nothing to sneeze at, is nothing compared to what so many others have spent. I definitely felt the burn from lack of coverage.

Whoa! How about them apples?? I am so happy for you! YAY!

Wow! Isn't it amazing to be surprised by GOOD news! I am happy to hear this!

What a lovely windfall! I hope it'll bring good things.

Definitely time for some Boston Cream Pie. Mmm...

You know, we had some and it makes a world of difference! Congratulations on the windfall!!

ahhhh, I'm so happy for you! You've had an amazing 24 hours! I hope these are just the beginnings of many amazing things to happen for you in 2007!

It's all about the karma. Your husband fought for other people to get coverage, and now the good deed you did is coming back to you. I'm so glad.

That is fantastic! I was lucky enough to have IF coverage all through my own egg cycles...a million IUIs and 4 (started) IVF cycles...it made the whole misery so much better! My ins. did not cover DE outright, but also would have covered the FET transfers. I am so thrilled for you!! Yahoo. xxmoo

Damn! I just feel like doing cartwheels for you.

I admire your strength at continuing down this road. I'm too much of an emotional chicken to continue attempts at achieving pregnancy after all my drama. Maybe for #2 after we adopt. But you are amazing! I hope you achieve the pregnancy that you so want!

Hey, that's excellent news!

That is so fantastic! If you don't have a good year this year, I am going to kill myself.

Love you,

Awesome! I am so happy for you:)

We had some IF coverage on our insurance too and found that the charges were actually much lower because the insurance company had negotiated rates with our clinic. It was literally half the cost of what our out of pocket amount was. This was for IUI, IVF, and fresh transfer for donor egg so you might have an even bigger windfall than you think.

Wahoo! What excellent news! And if you're in MA, we'll have to hook up for a couple of beers before those fet's. (he he).

Ooh, how exciting. We finally got coverage just before trying for Jack, after years of falling through the cracks in Massachusetts' otherwise excellent coverage mandate. It made a world of difference. Congratulations!


Coverage makes a world of difference. I am so happy for you.


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