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Tuesday, 09 January 2007


I'm not even going to look. Whoever it is, I hope her tummy-tuck post-baby causes her belly button to be lost or at least crooked.

and we all know that in the celebrity world, it's not like you can re-use the crib or glider or changing table from twinset #1. like she needs 4 cribs and 4 gliders and 4 changing tables.


~daisy mae


I had a seeing double experience this weekend. Two ultrasound tech for my baseline and BOTH were pregnant.

I did't ask whether they were buying one crib or two.

Oh, but didn't you hear? Twins run in her family!

Annoying. She's just annoying. But really, does anyone deserve to have the wideness of their cervix discussed on the CBB?

Twins would be far worse. I'd have to be even more jealous than I am now. Which is really, really jealous. But yes, agree with BG - that whole cervix thing was just yuck.

good god doesn't she already have cribs etc from last time? Do they get all used up after one baby has slept in them? Why does no one tell us this stuff?

Cribs evidently can't be reused, Millie. They are disposable, like diapers.

Widening of cervix encouraging pregnancy? Um . . . thanks for your medical insight, CBB.

I think the gross intrusion is what comes when you leave so much up to speculation.

If it is twins, I hope she is just alot more honest about whatever help she had - surely she must have wanted to hear hopeful stories herself?

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