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Monday, 08 January 2007


It is a lovely post. Infertile that I am I wrote to her afterwards and suggested that if she wanted children, that they not wait until they marry next year. She was very gracious about it!

I've been reading Gluten-free girl for a while--found her while I was trying to eat wheat-free and then found some others through her. (It's supposed to help with endo. Explains why I hadn't found the cupcake sites.) I still use several her recipes regularly, and while i got miffed that she wasn't posting much for a while, I was happy to find out why.

And I'm so glad that Thalia wrote her. That was of course my first thought!

I too cheat on IF blogs with food blogs--so pretty, so full of yum. Thanks for pointing me towards that post by GFG--just lovely.

I loved that post. She's a beautiful writer. And I also very much enjoyed the link to the cupcake blog with the pictures and recipes. Too bad my mister is on a diet right now.

Ha! I also cheat on IF blogs with foodie blogs. One of my favorites for inspirational recipes is Simply Recipes @ www.elise.com - the photos are good, and the recipes are drawn from lots of places.

I also like CityFood by CitiMama (http://citymama.typepad.com/cityfood/), Everybody Like Sandwiches (http://everybodylikessandwiches.blogspot.com/), and The Kitchen - Apartment Therapy (http://kitchen.apartmenttherapy.com/)

I'll have to check out Gluten Free. Thanks!

long-time reader. Had to delurk to recommend a great food site I recently discovered: http://whatdidyoueat.typepad.com/

Thanks for the other links, particularly gluten-free girl. You're right, a beautiful post.

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