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Saturday, 13 January 2007


You are funny, smart and Southern...that's pretty much perfect!

I've lurked here for just over a year now. You remind me of me, only an American version. I love your interests especially where you say dogs, but you qualify it by saying yours, I so relate. Oh, and I've dropped off reading everyone elses except yours, for some reason I've got to see your happy ending.
Leanne in Australia

Warm,intelligent and giving. I think you would make a great mom.

What NOT to answer
"I don't believe in emotional problems."
"Treatment is for the weak."
"Treatment is expensive, better have a kid to offload the baggage on".

"It was the second year of high school, when my bestest friend ..."

How would you rewrite those questions?

That last one is a tough one. I suppose it probes for the effect IF has had on your life (amongst other things). So how does one summarize it's profound effect, while conveying that you've dealt with it?

Hi!! I think Jen (junk box) first pointed me in your direction...

Good luck with the homework :)

I've been told over and over and over again that seeking help for "problems" is seen as a strength. It means that you know when you need help, that you aren't afraid to get it, and that you'll do the same if your child needs help. That's what I'm told anyway, hope they weren't lying.

Hi! I'm Angela and I've been lurking here for quite a while. I'm a Canadian living in Toronto. I love your blog and would describe you as witty, very intelligent, well rounded, and as someone who can keep her sense of humour amidst life's craziest shit.
Love your blog.

Hi! I am from Buffalo,NY. I think that the questionaire should be viewed as a screening devise through which you have to pass to get to the next level. Sometimes it is best to answer the questions in ways that get you to the next level rather that complete frankness. JMHO

As I told you already, my favorite questions were "what type of child do you hope to adopt?" (I'll take the tutti-fruitti child please) and "have you resolved your infertility?" Does one ever resolve infertility? There were more, but I'll stop ragging.

Hey Millie

I think you're kind, caring and considerate, you'd do anything for your friends and are loyal to the end :) But you're also alot of fun.

I'm from New Zealand and I cant remember how I got here lol

You are a fire and brimstone breathing, bible quoting conservative. You believe that most problems in child-rearing are solved by a good spanking. Occasionally, you will allow your husband to help with the dishes, but you believe in a strong division of labor in your home based upon long-accepted notions of gender. You voted for Bush and support the war in Iraq, although you will never allow your own child to serve in the military. You and your husband both drive large SUVs and believe that recycling is a left-wing conspiracy. Needless to say, you believe marriage best limited to unions which consist of one man and one woman.

Or am I reading your incorrectly?

Sadly, I just realized I have described 50% of my neighbors.

I need to move.

You are kind and funny and adventurous. Who else goes on vacation and nearly gets, as my four-year old puts it, "blowed up."

Yeah, that's pretty much you.

I think you should tell them that "the internets" just love you so that should really be enough. I hate those kinds of questionaires--for whatever they may be designed for--do they REALLY tell a person about the applicant? Maybe you should just send in a haiku. Argh. Anyway, I find you very funny, charming and intelligent.

When presented with life's challenges, you have the perserverence/tenacity to see the glass as half full instead of half empty. You are not easily sidetracked by disappointment. After falling down, you rest just a moment, then get back up, brush it off, hold your head up high, & put one foot in front of the other; all while holding the mister's hand as a sign of the cohesiveness of a long & happy marriage. Plus, loving the Heels & hating the devils helps too!

Things I like about you:

- you are clever
- you are funny
- you are able to laugh at yourself
- you are a nice person, inside (and out! but its the inside bit that really impresses me)
- you have a great sense of humour
- you are very self-aware
- you are also irritated with Julia Roberts
- you've been to Cape Town

That's all I have time for now.

(not a lurker, but a regular reader through Bloglines. Which makes me lazy to click through to comment. Which makes me an asshole)

I am so impressed that you are down to the final question! I have yet to tackle #1. Adoption will challenge my ability to overcome procrastination. Is there a question about that on the list??

As to how to answer, here are two tips that my therapist gave me: 1) Having been in therapy is "good" it shows you are self aware and dealing with your issues. 2) Never lie on an adoption application but don't feel compelled to tell them every truth either.

I like advice #2. Stay truthful but put the spin in your favor.

And lastly my advice: don't sweat it. You're great! They'll be thrilled to have you in the pool of potential adoptive parents!

Oh my---emotional problems? Egads!! I like the "I don't believe in emotional problems" response myself. Haaa.

I would describe you as warm, caring, intelligent, devoted to your husband. Perfect mom material!

Ohhhh...I like what Chris wrote!

You know everything, everything about baby crap. When I was stumbling about clueless and not knowing what to buy, you knew and, moreover, you were more than willing to share. This has got to count for something.

Things I've noticed about you:

- You're brilliant/analytical
- Determined
- You pay attention
- You're very caring & kind
- You have a good soul
- You're clear minded, level headed
- Above all, you deeply want to be a parent and share in a child's life. What could be more important?

You're a wonderful, beautiful person and you're going to be one hell of a great mommy to a child. I have no doubts about that.


just screw the questionaire and send them a nice old box of baked goods. that should move you right to the top of the list. or it would if i was the one who had to read all those answers.

~daisy mae

Oh, honey. These questions are for people with about a tenth of the intellect you've got. Pretend that you're Tara Reid (except that you're not nasty) and then try to answer. They're written to elicit pathos and sentimentality that you outgrew about twenty years ago. Try not to overthink your answers. As my thesis adviser used to say every time I passed him in the hall: "Type it up, dear. Just type it up."


Questions? Great, it this something I get to deal with also? Good luck with your answers.

Hey Lady! Wow, some of those questions sound like back to college questions... Well perhaps not the emotional problems questions... Some of my thoughts to add:

- you are incredibly forthright and tell it like it is
- you are loyal, loving and just plain fun
- you are someone whom others want to be on "their team" - as opposed to the folks you don't want anything to do with
- in another life, you would have been the village WISDOM. The person that others ALWAYS come to for answers
- more then anything, you have a Mother's heart and are already "there" - even without bambino in hand

I could go on and on, because of course when it comes time to start up the Ms. Millie fan club, I'll be the President!!!

Miss you, Fran

OK. In reading over the above, Ms. Grammer prompts me to edit a line as follows:

Old line: you are someone whom others want to be on "their team" - as opposed to the folks you don't want anything to do with

New line: You are someone that others want on "their team" - as opposed to the folks....

OK, Ms. Grammer can take a rest now. lol


Loyal and Fun!
I think they love to hear about the close extended family ...

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