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Wednesday, 10 January 2007


People are sometimes quite demented. Why would you decide that you could just go up and ask someone about transracial adoption in front of his/her kids? Demented...

You're getting closer!

***How in one family, where adoption was always open and discussed freely, two children could have completely different needs and experiences.***

This is my family! My sister had always been compelled to find her BM, and she did, soon after she had her first child. I have never felt compelled to search for my BM, and I doubt I ever will. I don't have any problems talking about adoption, or the fact that I am adopted, or even that I don't want info about my birth mother. My sister doesn't understand my feelings, and yet I respect hers!

Good luck with your journey. You know that you and your wonderful hubby are in my thoughts!

Hi Millie- thanks for sharing the recap of your session. I always learn something new. I am aghast at the people who want to go up to adoptive families in public. My fear is that one day, I'll be part of an adoptive family, and strangers will be doing that to me! Yikes! What an invasion of privacy.

Ps. thank you so much for offering to send me a copy of your book. Ironically I had just ordered a secondhand copy from Amazon and it is making its way to the southeast from Milwaukee :-)

hmmmm. . .i've never had anyone come up to me and ask if dd was adopted. i can't imagine what i would say. but i do get lots of comments from people in the summer that i should be using sunscreen on dd. ummm - that's her natural color. . .

~daisy mae

How fantastic that there are adoptees for prospective parents to meet. And that varied experiences are shared. I have always kind of wondered if female adoptees are more curiuos then are males. Have you ever stumbled across any data on this? Glad to hear that you're closer to the goal. I think that comment about it being your last Christmas without a child was just wonderful. I so hope that is true for you!

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