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Sunday, 07 January 2007


Well you could always post pictures and we can tell you it all looks great, would that help? We slept late today, too, and don't have the excuse of jet lag. Just January laziness.

Sorry to hear the cycle looks dodgy. I do hope that it can be sorted out, it feels like you've been moving towards this for such a long time, it would be a real disappointment to have it cancelled at this stage.

IM me sometime...I have some ideas to share.

Please post pictures! I know that sometimes paint colors photograph differently than they look on the wall, but I would still really love to see all the rooms.

I agree with you completely about the donor couple. If they need additional therapy, it's up to them to pay for it. After all, it could be a slippy slope. You could pay for session after session after session after session and then have them back out. I don't think that your decision is heartless and could actually save a whole bunch of folks alot of time and trouble.

My old CFG gave me some awesome all-natural sleeping tablets that fixed my last jet-lag in one night!

Strange about the donor couple - considering you've all met up. Though, these therapists do love to suggest another session at the drop of a hat.

Wow, you go on holiday and come back to a redecorated house! That's awesome.
Did you get to choose the colors?

You sound incredibly zen. I need to try it some time.

Wow, go you zen Millie! You and the Mister will be parents. One way or other. :)

What a great idea to have the house painted while you're gone!!

I'm sorry that things don't look like they'll be working out with this cycle, but it's great that you're feeling zen about things. You will get there, no matter what the path.

Been thinking about you!

Ooooh, loving your aattitude... are you sharing? Cuz I want some of that.

Happy New Year to you... maybe lunch soon?

Hi Millie,

Nice post. And I agree with you. IF I were in the same situation I'd feel the same. If it's meant to be, it'll be. And I don't think you're a heartless bitch. There no reason why you should fork out even more hard earned cash then you probably already have. If they need extra therapy before donating, they probably shouldn't be doing it.

Keep staying zen and I hope it DOES work out in the end :)


When you called back, what did the psychologist say the issues were that came up exactly?

You do sound very zen!

Would love to see the green living room.
Or perhaps the paint chip online? ;-)

Echoing the you are not a heartless bitch comment--it seems smart to let them work it out on their own so whatever happens they have gotten there under their own steam. Love your the place you are in right now. I'm off to work and I'll try and hold those thoughts and think good ones for you for a good year ahead.

That does seem strange about the donor couple. I'm interested to hear the update from your psych.

Enjoy your colors!

Glad you are in a zen state. I think you're right about the donors needing to reach their own decision without you footing the bill.

Think there's any chance the overachiever will give you some of her leftovers? Hers seem to be working. (Sorry, still a little burned up about miss I'd like to get pregnant by New Year's and twins run in my family.)

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