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Saturday, 30 December 2006


I'm betting FET. However, I have to admit I'd rather be lapped 2x by Julia then a third by Britney.

Voting FET myself. Seemed they got a good batch the first go, so bleh anyway. She should fess up though.

If it wasn't for that "twins run in my family" comment she made the first time, she might not fill me with white hot rage.

Actually, I was hoping that she would have twins again....because it would be REALLY difficult to pass it off as "twins run in the family."


Frozen. Just like her botoxed face.


Unfortunately I read about this today on the Vets board at IVFC.


I hear they are likely from the same batch, also PGD again, and I heard that it is likely to be B/G TWINS......AGAIN. (and, did you know that she announced her last pregnancy at 8 weeks that it was b/g twins?! Nice!)


What a way to end 2006!!!! (oh well, it sucked anyway, I suppose it was too much to ask for it to end on a high note.)

I'm thinking frozen. Why else be so confident and tempt the fertility gods with cocky ass predictions of getting pg by the end of the year? Blech.

Oh geez...frozen, perfectly PGD'd embryos, and maybe even twins (again). Gag. NO FAIR.

This makes me very sad. And I feel sad that another infertile (albeit closet) getting pg makes me sadder. Or something - wtf - happy NY Millie. Here's to 2007!

since i am soooo out of the loop - how old is she anyway? and hoping the answer makes me feel young. . .

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