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Sunday, 31 December 2006


Holy crap, batman! I am so glad you are both safe. Get home soon and remind me not to go to Bangkok in the near future.

Holy crap, batman! I am so glad you are both safe. Get home soon and remind me not to go to Bangkok in the near future.

Millie thank goodness you are ok. That really sounds terrifying, and it makes everything on the news so much more real when someone we 'know' is involved.

I saw it on the news about the 9 bombs and I thought you would be nowhere near Bangkok by now! Aaargh. Safe travels home, sweetie and Happy New Year to you and the mister.

Have been thinking of you ever since I heard the news this morning. Please take care and arrive home safely.

OMG Millie - thankfully you're safe. Wow!!

I saw this on the news last night and immediately starting worrying about you. Because of course you would have been in the midst of the bad luck...right? So relieved to hear you are ok!

I can't imagine how terrible that must have been. I'm glad you're all right.

It's so sad there are people who feel terrorism is their only resort. What drives them to it? What do they hope to achieve?

Oh my lord! I'm thankful that you are safe. Please, please, no more adventures.

Wow. I read about the bombs and thought of you all, wondered if you had been in Bangkok at the same time, etc. I had no idea you were so close. Thank god you're safe.
Here's to a better year for you all in 2007.

Yeah it's been on the news here - 3 dead unfortunately.

A NY you won't forget in a hurry. Hopefully you're back by now.

Wow! What a scary situation. I am so glad to hear you and yours are fine. Looking forward to your post on the elephants.

Thank goodness you and the mister are okay. What a terrible encounter to remember your NYE by.

Holy cow. Maybe next year, New Year's in Chapel Hill? You'll have to dodge the occasional yuppie, but jeez . . . .

Glad you're okay. My thoughts are with you guys.

So glad you are ok, can't wait to see the pictures of the elephants. Actually, can't wait to hear all about your trip.

Thank god you guys are okay. As I was reading your entry I got this sickening "you know where this is going" kind of feeling. Two days ago when I was listening to NPR announce it was 2007 already in parts of the world and that bombs had gone off in Thailand, I couldn't believe it and I was hoping you two were headed home already. I don't think I'll ever be able to say "the year went out with a _____" ( I can't even type it) again.

A very big welcome home and wishes for a peaceful 2007.


OMG I'm so glad you are ok.

So glad that y'all are okay. How frightening for you and sad for those who were hurt or killed.

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