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Saturday, 09 December 2006


congratulations on 4 years! may you both enjoy another 40.

Four years...how time flies no? Cograts and I hope you have a wonderful time with that dance :) Thinking of you.....

It's what? Don't leave us hanging. ;)

Happy Anniversary to you and the Mister. While I wish we could have all met under different, happier circumstances, we are so grateful to the both of you for your friendship.

A beacon of hope? You are not kidding about the good card. *melt*

Love the idea of the purple/gold combo - I was looking at some tres chic gold evening bags last night but couldn't really justify buying one.


It's fun when a company throws a big party just for your anniversary, isn't it? Hope you had a good time. Pictures of the dress are forthcoming, no?

Happy Anniversary. Enjoy the oysters.

Happy Anniversary. Millie!!!

I hope that the next year brings you much to celebrate.

Lotsa love,

Happy Anniversary. I hope you enjoy the oysters and your upcoming trip. I really hope 2007 brings renewed inspiration, hope and success.

Happy Anniversary! Hope you had a super time at the party! Would love to see photos.

Happy Anniversary to you and the mister. I hope that the new year brings you great joy. The only good thing IF ever brought me was closer to T.

Happy Anniversary!!!

Happy anniversary!

Millie - HAPPY Anniversary. You and your mister are the Greatest! Wishing you the best on your special day and for your upcoming trip.
Love the Good Card, you got yourself a catch and so does he!
Looking forward to the New Year & New Hope for us all.

happy anniversary to you and the mister!

Happy anniversary :) we just celebrated our 4th as well, and like you we are both waiting knowing that becoming parents will happen, just not how or when.

I think we need a pic of you in the dress :)

Happy Anniversary!! Hope you had a fantastic day/evening!!

I very much hope that 2007 is better for ALL of us. 7 is a lucky number, right?!

I certainly hope so!

All the best,

happy happy anniversary!

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