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Monday, 20 November 2006


What a wonderful post to read. I have found the same thing, infertility is a strong bond. I think it's the reason why I now have no objections to the label for myself - I've met amazing people.

This would be an amazing way for you to build your family. What a great connection for all of you.

Can't wait for the FET.

I hadn't thought about donor embryo that way. I'm so glad that all of you are getting on so well.I do hope that this is the start of a life-long bond.

What was Martha wearing? Presumably not a blue sweater or you would have mentioned it...

I'm so glad you had a good time. IF really is a strong bond. I hope Martha and George are in your lives for a long time - for all the right reasons.

I have some questions for you that I'd rather do via email. Would you mind?

It's great that you can go into this adventure with a sense of wellbeing and comfort.

"The bond of infertility is a strong one even with people we just meet." Amen.

So glad you had a nice time. I wonder what trendy street?

So glad to hear you had a good time -- it was very interesting to hear you describe donor embryo that way. In Canada it would appear that if one ever makes it to donor embryo here (which is very difficult!), that it would be anonymous, and there would be no meeting of the families. Clinic does the matching here, I believe...

In any case, I'm so happy that you feel an amazing connection to the donor family, and so hoping this all works out for you!


Just a little aside here, when we went to our adoption workshop one of the birthmothers there said "No, I don't understand infertility, but I understand pain. We both have pain. It's not the same pain. But it's pain." And for some reason taht was just so profound for me. We may have more in common with the unexpectedly fertile than we might think. Not being able to care for a child you carry might be just as heartwrenching as not being ably to carry the child you can care for.

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