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Tuesday, 14 November 2006


You should totally do it. But I am mean and evil and that is something I'd do...muhahahaha!

I would be more likely to say 'hey greedy guts, enjoy the baby-shower. I won't be there, now that I've finished paying my hospital bills following my ectopic, I'm off to Thailand - before I embark on my NEXT IF procedure'. Then blow a raspberry - but I'm not sure how to do that.

You should totally do it- hee hee.

And just to clarify... Is this friend throwing her own baby shower/brunch? Yikes!

PS. Did you ever update us on your in-law/wedding drama? Inquiring minds want to know...

Sounds a bit like you are channeling Miss Otis more than Millie on that one. Which is totally a Good Thing. I still think you should send that one, or maybe have one of us act as your social secretary and send it for you.

Well, the evil side of me thinks you should send it. Although it would probably make her defensive, it's exhausting and frustrating having to keep re-explaining things to people who really should know.

I would WANT to send that RSVP so bad, but when it actually was time to push send, I would probably just say something simple. I'm so sorry you had to deal with a situation like that, especially since the situation was caused by someone that should know better. I do hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving Holiday, and an incredible experience in Thailand!


What about just saying that you can't attend because you'll be in Thailand? No one is going to call you on it, would they?

i'd have to admit that i would probably put something really snarky... perhaps ' sorry i can't be there, but i'm sure you won't even miss me... i mean you obviously haven't thought of me in ages... not even when you came to my house right after my gabillionth ectopic and you were practically licking the pee off your home pregnancy test. nope, you won't miss me at all. and i promise i'm not missing your lame ass either.'

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