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Sunday, 05 November 2006


Cool!! So glad to hear you had a fun time! I'm super impressed about all your knowledge and your strength to endure and enjoy! browsing for baby products.

When! If! I ever have a baby, I know who I will be contacting for shopping advice, that is, if you don't mind?! :)

I haven't been in a baby store since before my April FET....that was back when I thought the FET might actually WORK!!!! Hahahahahhaha!!!!!! See how deluded I was just a few short months ago?!!?

Btw, how much does that new Orbit baby stroller thing cost? Is it insanely priced? It's so cute! (I couldn't stop from clicking on the link! You are bad influence! ;))

take care,

Well I've never tempted fate by looking at strollers ... but I've grown to hate the huge prams that run me down in stores!
I love this one ...

U hate the stork parking too. If you are that impaired, get a handicapped sticker. Otherwise the walking will do you good.

I meant to write that I hate the stork parking too. I'm typing in the dark.

Really? The Jane PowerTwin rocks? Why are there no good stroller stores here, why? I really liked the Orbit when you first mentioned it, but no twin option. There's a real market there for someone to start getting these twin strollers into stores where people can actually look at them. And if those people are infertiles, all the more the better.

Ooh, I love that Orbit stroller! I am afraid to find out how much it costs. why can't all strollers/carseats be designed to work so easily? :-)

I'm so glad the Orbit is on the market. I watched the guy who invented it on "American Inventor," (unless somebody stole his idea) and he had such a sad story about losing his daughter in a more traditional car seat. Yeah for him, but yikes the price! Too rich for my blood. I'm "getting by" with Graco Snug Rides (thanks to Alex's bargain hunting, guilt trip at BRU, not my color, but eh, WTF, it was a BOGO) and a double Snap-n-Go stroller. I covet a Phil & Ted's E3 and Britax Marathons for after 6 months. Any thoughts? I'm so proud of your blogging effort...I can't seem to get going again.

oh, glad you had fun. you know, we looked at the jane, but rejected it. don't remember why now...

(and have you seen the preseason poll, yet? makes me nervous.)

Well that is the cutest little stroller ever. Glad you had a good time - I still don't like going into baby stores!

Link me to the powertwin! Our Twinsavvy is starting to show its age but I'm not ready to give up strollers juuuuust yet.

Spending time with babies is a enjoyable momenta nd i always do it so when ever i get some time

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