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Friday, 17 November 2006


Oh no, Millie!!! That S U C K S ! ! !

Why can't your regular doctor just prescribe you some Synthroid though? It's not as if treating low thyroid is always that complicated. I mean, I definitely think you should see an Endocrinologist if you can get it to one (all the Endocrinologists here refuse to see ANY patients unless they are literally dying. I wish I was joking.) -- but in the meantime, while you wait to see a specialist, your GP should be able to prescribe you Synthroid. You will probably start at 0.1 mg dose, and then get blood work about every 4 weeks to monitor.

This is going to sound crazy, but I literally have TONS of bottles of Synthroid at my house -- 0.1 mg, 0.12 mg, and 0.125 mg -- if you can't get a prescription quickly I can mail you some, seriously!!

Btw, did you just have your TSH levels tested? What about Free T3, T4, and Thyroid Antibodies?? Those are also important components in the treatment of thyroid conditions.

Best of luck with all of this -- I know how frustrating dealing with thyroid problems is. :/

That is crazy. My levels have been off a bit before and they are always so quick to get me on something. Your family practice doc should be able to get you a prescription - just make sure they continue to check your levels so you don't have the reverse problem. I was never referred to a endocrinologist, rather my general practitioner just handled it, although my levels are considered borderline.

When I was on meds a while back I remember my bloodwork responding pretty quickly. Hmm... I should probably get that checked again. Thanks for the reminder.

Sucktastic is the word of the day. That really is sucktastic. I'm sorry Sweetie!

I hope they get your levels right soon.

Good grief! Why can't the general doc just prescribe some synthroid? GRRR.

Just what you need. Ugh!

Buggers! Can you go to another endocrinologist if your gp can't prescribe (and if your gp can't prescribe, maybe go to another? Don't they know we have deadlines??)

Yeah, I second that. Why can't your GYN/RE/internal med guy help you with the synth?

Also, if I see you next week I might be able to lend you hand...

Um, would it help to get it checked again? Mine was in the five range one test, then ended up back in the 2 range three months later. I don't know if that matters, esp. if you need to be really low.

i've got a running script for the generic. call me and i'll see what i can do. : )

That totally sucks:(

Flaming ducks, why can't they stay in a row?

Hope Dr. Local comes through with the prescription.

I've got no clue about this since it isn't one of the things I seem to suffer from, but yes, sucktastic does seem to be a good description.

I am not liking that lab At ALL. .3-3 is the correct normal, why are they using the old school crap? Hrmpf.

I agree with everyone about getting the GP to sign off on some synth. A good six weeks or so would be a good start to get it under control.

Dammit. This just sucks. Freakin' thyroid.

Crap. I'm so sorry. Just what you need.

Yep, the endocrinologist is booked solid for months out--sometimes 3-4 months. As for the range, she wanted me between .5 and 2.5.

Drop me a line if you'd like to talk--I also have some leftovers from my last dosage level. However, I just want to reinforce what you already know, which is that there's no reason your OB or GP couldn't prescribe some to get you on the road. It's a simple calculation to get the dosage.

I've got leftovers, too, should you need some. Gosh, looking at the dosages that 'Nilla has, they had me on the weakest dosage available!!

Ugh, don't talk to me about this crap!!! Lets get on our fave self-medicating path again, eh? At least mine is now lower than yours at 4.02...ner, ner, cackle ;)

My TSH is 11.40. My general practitioner prescribed me synthoid. It's only been 3 days. The pharmacist gave me generic medication. Do any of you know if this is a bad thing, or is it ok?

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