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Tuesday, 21 November 2006


I'm so sorry for your friend.

Please, Millie, tell your friend that we are so sorry to hear of her loss. She will be in my thoughts.

Life is unfair. I got the chills as I read your post. I will be thinking of her.

I'm sorry for your friend. It always is particularly hard to lose a baby, but particularly after you've seen the heartbeat and think just maybe you can relax.

What a sad story. I wish I could join you in your wish for 2007, and of course I'm wishing with all my might, but to be honest that's what I wished for 2006 and look what happened...

I'm very sorry for your friend's loss -- it gave me chills reading your post -- it was exactly one year ago today (November 21st) that we had the ultrasound which showed the heartbeats had stopped. So, the circumstances sound eerily familiar. :(

What you said stated it all so perfectly: "It's never easy to lose a pregnancy but it seems particularly cruel to have this happen just before the holidays, just after seeing a heartbeat, just when you think you might someday be able to trust that this could all work out."

That's EXACTLY one of the myriad of thoughts that ran through my head one year ago today.

Please give my condolences to your dear friend.

Please send my condolences to her. That is so horrible.

I could just cry at how crappy this year has been for so many in the trenches. It has to be better next year, right? Right? God, I hope so.

what a heartbreak. I am so sorry for your friend.

i'm so sorry for your friend. and for all the pain that has happened to you and too many others this year.

I am so sorry for your friends horrible loss. My heart breaks for her & her man.

I found you by googling "low beta, ectopic, IVF" or something like that. I just read thru some of your archives and am truly frightened. (not of you, for me...) LOL.

I did a donor emrbyo cycle. today at 30dp3dt, my beta is slowly rising & reached 2080, but nothing seen on a very good, done by an excellent peri, ultrasound.

I have had 2 ectopics before. I know the signs, hopefully.

anyway, I am just sorry you were in these horrible shoes only a few months ago. Because this sure doesn't seem fair.

Hi Millie- just checking in on you...Have you departed for the Far East already?!

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