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Monday, 06 November 2006


I agree. Patricia Heaton is an idiot. And I'll be definitely going out to vote. I would like to see Lieberman lose like he lost the democratic primary but polls show he has something astounding like 75% of the republican vote.

I hadn't even heard this claptrap. Does anyone else find it ironic that Heaton was the only woman in that video? And that she mentioned how low-income women might be enticed by the money, when she in fact was probably a paid spokesperson? Maybe she should donate her pithy paycheck to one of the women's programs and really put her money where her mouth is.

Or maybe I'm just talking out of my ass here.

Wow, just catching up here, but I can't believe Patricia Heaton is such an asshole! Of all the things to decide to take a stand on - that's what she thinks the world is in danger from? Paid egg donation? For pete's sake!

I always feel vindicated when folks I don't like much to begin with do stupid stuff. Good to know.

She's an idiot. And she has what, like four kids? It's funny, because she had them all relatively late. I always pegged her for having gotten a bit of help.

And isn't she the one who got ALL that plastic surgery after she had kids? Surely that's more dangerous than a little follistim?

Wow, thanks for the links, I'd totally missed this. Off to write my letters now...

What a JERK! This country is turning into a very scary place.

I miss you my friend!!!

xo, Fran

Just checking out blogs new to me since I can't take the political drama.

Does the *blue* VOTE reminder mean anything? I sure hope so.

Godammit I used to LIKE her. What a pile of old bullshit that advert is. I'm really angry now. What happened to the amendment in the end?

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