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Tuesday, 07 November 2006



Does this mean she can change the kiddo's name back to Sutton?

I must say that it was oh so clever for her to do it on election day to limit her bashing becasue you know tomorrow that is old news.

Wow, I had no idea! Who needs Entertainment Tonight when we have MILLIE?!?!?! ;)

Cool -- always thought that guy was a loser and wondered why the hell she would have two kids with him -- but what do I know? Guess it looks like she finally came to her senses after all....

I was SOO pleased when I saw it in the paper this morning. Almost as pleased as when I saw a democratic led congress with a potential woman leader! Fab!

I just saw the clip. Damn, she does look good! Jeez, I wish my legs looked like that! I suppose that's what happens when you pop kids out when you're like, 12. Thank god the girl came to her senses. I mean, I like a wide range of men. But come the f on. That guy was just KFugly.

As much as I've hated that little piece o' white trash in the past... when I saw this on celebrityterrorist, I yelled out 'you go girl!'

Always good to see a woman getting herself togetha and takin' it on the road... how fun that we can call him FedEx now...hahahahaha!

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