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Monday, 16 October 2006


See, I was right about the thank-you notes.

Here's hoping that next year the three of you will be talking about baby-related stuff.

It does help just to know your not the only one in the room even when it's not talked about. I'm glad the conference wasn't as trying as you were anticipating.

Here's my little thank you note to you, Millie... thank you for helping me (and lots of other people) to feel less alone in all of this.


It's amazing how many of us are struggling isn't it? I'm glad it helped.

It can be so much better when you know that you're not alone.

And, yes, my expandable wardrobe has well, expanded to the extent that I don't buy clothes anymore. Just shoes.

Although it's horrible that others are experiencing IF as well, I love that there is a kind of 'unity' amongst those that 'get it'!

It's funny, you wouldn't wish IF on anyone, but it becomes a great 'equaliser' when you do meet others.

I guess, it means you can bypass so much of the small talk and feel an instand affinity.

You work with the advocacy group sounds great.

There are more of us than one would think. That's why I'm always talking about it. I want people to know how common IF is, and if there is a fellow IFer in the room, I want her to feel less alone.

it's lovely when you realise your not alone but it's so very bittersweet as well, so glad you enjoyed your time away but if your neglecting violet, I'll have to step in for voilets sake not mine

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