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Thursday, 12 October 2006


Amen Sister Sandy!

And Millie, yeah, what you say about Keanu and the speaking roles. My all time favorite Keanu line has to be: "I love you Victoria but I'm not free." Point Break is another matter, however. He's much more believable as a stiff FBI Agent. And the waves are hot.

Wow. My opinion of Sandra Bullock just rose a thousand and one points.

I'm VERY impressed. Well said Sandra Bullock!! If only more celebrities responded like that! (or were even honest about their own pregnancies, for that matter, because I am tired of hearing celebrities lie about their donor egg pregnancies.)

Anyway, that is awesome -- go Sandra! I will definitely support her movies from now on as well.

That was the most perfect thing that she could say to that reporter. She SO rocks!!

Way to go, Sandy!

I've never understood how so many people don't find that question unspeakably rude. I was first asked this at the ripe old age of 23. I'd just graduated, married, and moved to the UK yet despite all of these major life events, some people just wanted to know when I was going to spawn. Crazy. Well done Sandra.

We heart Sandy!!!

Go Sandy, go!!! She's got my support.

Another thing, I'm so sick of also is the freakin bump alert, lord forbid a star might have eaten a little too much and their gut is protruding, or they have the bloat from PMS, gasp, they’re pregnant... And so it’s announced so and so has a bump. GIVE it a REST people. I would be pregnant in the paparazzi's eyes every month with the looks of my gut!
Yeah for Sandy speaking out!

Yeah...it must have been the thousandth time she was asked. Earlier? I guess, on the red carpet, when an ET reporter asked if she was planning on having kids, she said something like "Our family is just right the way it is." I saw that part on ET, and still thought WTF? why don't they leave the poor woman alone?

Good for her.
I wish that was the 11th commandment: Thou Shalt Not Ask A Woman About Her Reproductive Choices

I'm still hoping to run into her in town, and when I do, I'll be thanking her.

(Have run into her old paramour stinky mcsticky cmconaughey way too many times.)

Hahah on the Keanu bit. But yeah, I read this too and I was like, "girlfriend let me buy you a martini and give you a big fat hug." Because a-frickin-men.

It's interesting isn't it, I have never been a fan of hers (stupid movie choices), but now I am.

I do think that making a defensive statement like that is ringing the IF bells. I have 'learnt' over the years how to deal with that kind of question without going spaz, I think if I'd 'spat the dummy' it would have been a giveaway to the IF I was dealing with.

he he - keanu has speaking role - he he.

I knew there was a reason I love Sandy! Between her, Courtney Cox and Marcia Cross there may be hope that the press gets it right at some point.

even if keanu has a speaking roll? are you sure?

but kudos to SB for saying as she did

Go Sandra!

Btw- are you planning on seeing "Infamous?" I can't wait! Just finished reading the new biography on Harper Lee, played by Sandra Lee in this movie. :-) Go Southern gals!

Oh I love her. Thank you so much for sharing that. And the film is supposed to be pretty good, too - no?

Great response, love Sandra. And yes, boycott that other lady. Grrr. She's obnoxious anyways.

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