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Wednesday, 04 October 2006


You asked for ASSVICE...
I wouldn't do it. I think you might regret it later and it sounds to me that it will do absolutely no good--and will fuel the "bitter infertile" interpretation with which they probably already paint all of your actions. You certainly don't have to help them watch their kids while they ruin all the important moments for Cousin and hubby... someone will keep those poor wretches from falling on steak knives, I'm sure.

More importantly, how will you enjoy this wedding despite the ASSHOLE & Co.'s wildly inappropriate activities? I suggest a secret documentary... a la Michael Moore, in which they think they are starring in a pic about close-knit families, but which you will transform into an indictment of all things UTAH (except, of course, Bryce Canyon, which is lovely).

Babbling. Sorry. Do give us all the gory details as they materialize...


So glad that Holly is going to a good home, it sounds as if she deserves it. I'm also with Jenna, I'm not sure sending it is a good option. Lots of horrible potential repercussions.

Glad that Holly is returning to her roots.

Keep us posted on the in-law drama!

So... what did you do about the email? And how was the wedding?

So did you get a new car name Violet? And Holly found a new home, wonderful.
Interesting about the "out-laws", can't wait to hear what happened!

Violet will need to be LATCH compliant ;)

glad holly found a good home!

So how did the weekend go? Are you okay?! You're suspiciously silent!

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