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Tuesday, 03 October 2006


Thanks so much for the update, I've been clicking madly on her site for an update. Hooray for things having gone well so far.

I've also been looking anxiously for an update, so thanks so much for providing! If you speak to her again please let her know I'm holding thumbs as well!!


Thanks for this but...tell us more please!!

Tell her the girl from Nebraska is missing her.

Another Violent Femmes reference! Tell her I have everything crossed for her. I've never heard of holding thumbs...

Where she is now I can only guess. Love the update - thanks so much. Typical that she'd make us wait - what is it - her life or something?

Thanks for the update on Pamplemousse....I've been stalking her blog anxiously waiting for an update!! :) I'm holding my thumbs for her!!

Was refreshing her blog like a mad woman, love to see an update, glad things went well...

Thank you sweetie!! Despite my internet disappearance, it was so lovely to talk to you on the phone. We will have to do it again when I can hear you properly! Can we Skype???

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