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Thursday, 19 October 2006


Just tell them the constant yoddling is driving you insane.

Dear employer,
Please accept this as my written resignation effective immediately.

(Actually, M wrote it...)

I'd keep it short and sweet -- no explanations are necessary..thanks for the lovely opportunity, blah, blah, I enjoyed being a part of such a dynamic team and what I have learned is invaluable, blah, blah, blah...I QUIT.


__________ 2006

To Whom It May Concern:

Thank you for the opportunity to work for___________. I have truly appreciated working with such great people. However, I have decided at this time to accept another position. The position begins on _______________. My last day will be ______________. I apologize for any inconvenience.


How about:

Dear Cocksuckers, find another Hooplehead?

I like Sparkles!

I came in to say:

Dear Jackass,
I Quit!

but I really like Sparkle's better so use that one!

I completely agree with the gang. No explanation is necessary or required, especially in writing. Good luck.

Hey Millie -
Sparkle takes the prize, as far as I'm concerned.

In the alternative, can you talk to one of your bosses face to face and just tell them that you need to move on due to personal circumstances/length of commute/other commitments coming up in the future, etc? That way you don't have to worry about getting caught up in what you need to say in writing (unless you are concerned that by doing it face to face you offer more information than you'd like). Regardless, th letter itself should really only need to say : "To Whom It May Concern: I hereby tender my resignation, effective x date. It has been a pleasure working for this [awful/crappy/fucked up/yodeling] company."


Agree with the above. I resigned recently. Turned in a short note saying I was resigning for personal reasons from such-and-such a date, thanks for everything, bye, signed me.

In person, I offered a more detailed explanation, but I only cited "me" reasons - my IVF, my husband's new job, my stress levels - and not "them" things - their management style and decisions which *for fuck's sake* - because I may want that contact again for the future.

Some of the above suggestions were funnier, though.


Oh I could do a lot with that, but trust me, you'd probably never get another job again. I don't know that you want that.

Sparkles's letter was kick @ss!!! But I quit my job last fall after working there for four years, and I simply wrote something like this:

Dear (Manager's name)

Please accept this as my letter of resignation. My last day will be November ___, 2005.

Sincerely yours,


And yes, in person I said a bit more, but I had alluded earlier that I was seriously considering giving my notice....due to things happening in the company. And if I burned my bridges, I don't really care, because they couldn't pay me enough to go back!!

Hope you post your resignation letter when it's all said and done! :) Good luck!!!


I'd keep it short and sweet...because you probably do want to use the job on future resumes. :)

You don't want anyone having a record of what went on. I am not sure if conractors have "exit interviews" at the purple palace, but you can always request one...and then spill your guts. Confidentially, of course.

Rephrase: You probably don't want a written record of your gripes because they'll likely find a way to use it against you. Hopefully that was clearer. :)

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