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Tuesday, 19 September 2006


Hmm. Yeah, October is right around the corner. But it's probably as a good a time as any...there will always be a million things to do. Maybe you can push into late October?
Question about jam making.
Pectin or no pectin? Which side are you on?

For the very first time, ever, I'm absolutely certain about the band where one of your titles comes from. Not only that, but I saw them at the Cradle. I'm all puffed up with coolness, now!

October is soon, but you can do it!!!

Nope. Not the Long Winters. Green Day. I did not see Green Day at the cradle. I am still a dork and October is scary soon, but still doable.

October cycle - wow how exciting!

Aaah, October! The loveliest month for a conception or a birthday ;)

October's awesome, and as good a month as any. And you'll be ready.

Thailand? Very cool. What's the occasion?


So glad it's coming up so fast, it's always so much better when there's work to be done on the fertility front.

Delurking to say GOOD LUCK! I hope this whirlwind has a happy ending for you.

October cycle! Cool beans. Can't wait to cheer you on.

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