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Wednesday, 27 September 2006


Hey Millie - this is great news. I'm so glad that things are progressing. Not great news about even rare possibilities of ectopic but hoping that you are now on the other side of the odds - for God's sake, you already had 2... I'm hopeful that rare really means rare - and not yours.

I've been thinking about you and hoping that things would line up once you went to the RE. And Thailand sounds absolutley fantastic.

Say hi to Liana for me and hug each other - one from me for each of you!

I am soooooooo excited to come see you and the Mister. Can't wait.

Have I mentioned that your RE is one smart dude? And we didn't even have to pay him off to get him to agree with us internets.

DON'T GOOGLE THAT OTHER ECTOPIC!!!! I did and its not good! We can't have THAT bad a luck after all we've been through, so just don't go there my friend!

I hate google.

Good news!

Phew. That all sounds v good, particularly three excellent three-day embryos. And waiting til january sounds like a good option all round.

Re the ectopics, I'm not going there, and neither should you.

At some point you have to be on the right side of the odds, I chose to belive it will be this time. You have no tubes, there will be no ectopics. I hope you enjoy your visit and your trip to Thailand (my dream vacation) and I agree with you that you thaw and transfer everything that survives.

Whoo hoo for January! And Thailand!

Hooray for January. I'm also thinking of January as a good time to start cycling again.

I can't believe there is another type of ectopic pregnancy to worry about; I have learned a lot from your blog!


I'm so excited to hear about your excellent 3 day embryos! That is fantastic news!

Ectopic talk is freaking me out though! Please don't even think about going there!

Let us just state firmly that YOU DESERVE A BREAK -- and surely you must land on the "good" side of the stats this time!

Crossing everything for you, AND knocking on wood!!! :)

Take care,

P.S. I would have enjoyed the long version equally!

coolio a decent appoint, questions answered and a trip to thailand, ahhhh the stars are aligning, or some such perkyclaptrap. :o)


I'm focusing on all the good news in this post - we aren't going there on the (possible) bad. Just not.

Things sound like they are flowing...

Love you,


I hope that all goes well with your upcoming cycle. No ectopics please dear Lord...
My tubes are now gone too, so that's suppose to be a good thing with IVF. Who the hell knows?

ack! i'm so behind. yay for january...it all sounds good.

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