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Wednesday, 20 September 2006


Sounds like a good idea to me. You'll probably enjoy yourself more on your trip and return refreshed and ready to cycle.

I agree with PBFish - if you feel better about waiting, then definitely wait! It's all about you and the mister, no one else. So you get to pick how you want to do it :)


Go with your gut feeling.
No point rushing in if you think you might regret it.

I often take extra time between cycles just so I can get eveything worked out. And, if you are planning such an awesome trip you don't want to be limited or sad. I'd say as long as you are comfortable with the wait, why not wait.

You know my stand on the thyroid. I'm a believer now in getting that sucker stabilized. Plus there is the added benefit of boozing it up, but I'm shallow like that.

I think if you are posing the question, then yes, you already have your answer. You should postpone til January. That last thing you need is more stress and added pressure if you feel "under the gun" so to speak.

Also, regarding the thyroid....I was going to ask you about that. What thyroid condition do you have, and why have you been off meds for so long?

Sorry to get all "ass-vicey" on you, but I've had a low thyroid condition ever since I had Ovarian cancer (doctors figured the chemo screwed up the thyroid). Thyroid problems are generally not something that corrects itself....meaning one usually has to stay on meds forever. Thyroid and overall endocrine function are closely linked with pregnancy and its success, which I know you already know.... So, all around it might be better to wait until you have all your ducks in a row, as you stated...

Anyway, I am wishing you the best, whatever you end up deciding!

Take care,

I think that sounds like a good idea.

it sounds like a great plan! not just a good plan, not only will all your ducks be aligned and a wonderful holiday have been had but you'll get to do what we forget to do on this ride, you'll get to live really live because once you have a date to start you can push the rest aside and enjoy your marriage and your you time. go for it lovely it sounds perfect.

Sounds like you've discovered the right thing for you and hubby to do. :-)

I'm all for someone getting themselves healthy and happy. Take care of yourself and get your thyroid worked out! Enjoy yourselves and get all nice and drunk because you won't be able to do that again for a while!

I think january sounds like a great idea!

I think waiting is probably a good idea around the holidays. We did that last year. We didn't want the stress either. I don't blame you one bit. And it sounds to me as if you're already thinking in terms of getting yourself prepared by taking the rest of the year off.

I think it's a great idea - you'll have a great and "relaxing" vacation, have time to get everything done without too much stress/pressure - good plan!

It does look like everyone agrees with your brilliant idea.

Your trip will be much less stress free.

Thinking of you,

I agree with Nilla - if you are even thinking about this, then it seems like the prospect of proceeding in October must be sressing you. And I'm also curious about your thryoid situation and a big advocate of getting that worked out first. This way you have a few months if you need to get back on meds. The only IVF where I even got as far as implantation was the one after my thyroiditis was dealt with and TSH was stable.

Yeah I reckon cancel.

The beauty with the FET is that you can.

Also, will be awesome to enjoy Thailand Including the beautiful food [and drink] without worrying about anything.

January sounds just lovely. New year, new chance, all that.

January sounds like a lovely time.

Thailand? I am very jealous now!

Seems like everyone is agreed. I was a bit more ambivalent until I saw that point about the thyroid which seems spot on. We know thyroid can affect pregnancy, so why cycle when that's not 100% optimised? Killer argument there.

Have you thought about what's underneath your wanting to delay? Is it just the thailand trip or is there something else worrying you?

I say go for it and enjoy the break!!

Precisely what we're doing. Giving ourselves 4 months to recuperate, and to take a long skiing holiday over New Years (where eating, drinking, and the skiing? It will be festive.)

Maybe we're naive, but I just think-maybe it'll be nice to start off our cycle relaxed this time, instead of stressed to bits.

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