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Thursday, 07 September 2006


Wow, that was a lot to digest!

Good luck at the adoption meeting - one word of assvice - if they ask, you are not doing any assisted reproduction attempts - they frown on that. You are suppose to be "over" that phase of your life. I lied when I went, we still tried IVF, it did not work. We are on the wait list now. We find out Tuesday if we are picked to be parents of a baby girl due Nov 5th (we are one out of 4 couples). I guess 25% is better than the 5% I had of getting pregnant! Good Luck with everything!!

so glad to hear all the updates! Many positive things on your horizon. And I agree, sucks to be an FTE.

Congrats on the awesome car!!!

Well, you certainly made up for lack of posting all in one go there, didn't ya?!? ;)

Very interesting to read.

I think the FTE thing sounds sucky, and it sounds like you have it much better right now. Just tell them you are happy with the free coffee and that is good enough for you! ;)

The embryo donation sounds amazing, I'm very, very excited about that for you!

Also will be interested to hear about the adoption program, that's something we haven't looked into seriously just because we can't afford the $40,000+ price tag here!

Good luck with EVERYTHING you have going on, and looking forward to hearing more updates. :)

Take care,

There's something wrong with their systems if becoming an FTE involves a real downturn in your finances. Perhaps you might point this out to them? Then at least any offer you got might actually be worth your while. Or am I smoking something?

Thanks for the detailed post! You sound great...really focused! I'm a firm believer that persistance pays off. A friend of mine (1st baby stillborn, 2nd baby preemie, 3rd baby adopted from Russia) told me years ago when I first started having my miscarriages that if I wanted a family, I would have one - it may not be exactly the way I envisioned getting one, but I will have one. Although the road has been a long and twisted one, you will have one, too.

Well, what a whole bunch of great news. Exciting stuff.

Can't wait to read the adoption post. Here in Oz they have the same few on ART and doing adoption at the same time. As Maggie pointed out, most people just keep it quiet.

By this time, maybe Violet has arrived in her new home - very cute ride.

So...who is 11 weeks???

Congrats to Bonnie and new family!!!

Glad to hear you survived the 'rents and you had a good vacay!!

Rock n' roll for October! I love the mini too - sweet!

Thanks for the meaty update. I missed your blog last week. You have some exciting things ahead of you. My mister and I are going to an adoption seminar this weekend, too! Should be interesting!

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